Mission Statement: To support APWA's role as the recognized leader in public works by providing its members with the resources for exchanging and developing ideas, information, skills, knowledge, and technologies necessary for: effectively applying sound engineering practices and modern technologies across all disciplines within the Public Works areana.
 A message from Dennis Randolph, Engineering and Technology Committee Chair, 2014-2015
Welcome to the APWA Engineering & Technology Technical Committee web site. We value your interest in our Committee and hope you find this site useful.  Through it, you can access information on our projects and review our annual work plan.
The Engineering and Technology Committee exists to serve the needs of APWA’s members in two important ways.  First, the Committee promotes the use of good engineering and modern technology to help APWA members serve the public in a more effective and efficient.  Second, the Committee identifies trends in engineering and technology in which public works professionals need to become familiar.  A major source of information on trends and problems are APWA’s members and so we welcome comments and suggestions on how we can be your resource of choice in the public works arena.
Because the public works field covers such a broad range of topics and interests the role of the Engineering and Technology Committee is among the broadest within APWA. The Committee provides education and information to help public works agencies understand and use modern technology and sound engineering principles. By its very nature, little in the public works profession does not somehow touch engineering or technology. So, the greatest challenge we face each year is finding the proper focus for our efforts.  The broad and overarching nature of the terms “engineering” and “technology,” means there can be a blurry line between where our responsibilities begin and end relative to other technical committees.  Our hope is to address this problem by working to open, and maintain communications with other technical committees both national and chapter level.  Also, we are always interested in what members feel are areas in which we should be working.
We want our Committee to become a useful resource for all APWA members.  To do this we invite members to contact our Committee, me or any of its members, to discuss ideas or suggest areas that we might explore for the good of all APWA members.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and review the details of the committee.  We look forward to serving APWA members, now and in the future.