Technical Tours

Wednesday, May 2

8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

The morning of Wednesday, May 2 is dedicated entirely to the technical tour program.
There will be three tours, of which you may choose one. 
There is no additional cost, but you must have a Full Registration and pre-register for a Technical Tour to participate.  Register for the conference with a Full Registration, and then check the box of the tour you wish to participate in.

Milwaukee Repair Garage Tour: Fleet Maintenance and Snow & Ice Operations

The City of Milwaukee’s Central Repair Garage provides repairs for approximately 4,100 pieces of heavy & light duty vehicles and equipment used by Street Maintenance, Sanitation, Forestry, Sewers, Water Works, Police and other city departments. You’ll see a variety of snow & ice equipment. Mechanics, parts personnel, operators and managers will be on hand to discuss the equipment, snow operations, and how Milwaukee keeps its snow fleet operational. Software displays will show how Milwaukee uses technology for diagnosis and to track repairs, inventory use, fuel usage and costs. This facility also houses welding & fabrication, body shop, central parts distribution and the operations & dispatch section responsible for snow & ice operations. 

Wausau-Everest Tour

This tour of snow plow manufacturer Wausau-Everest’s headquarters will include an inside tour of the plant where you will see these manufacturing areas: parts department, plasma table/roll/press brakes, weld shop, shot blast booth, paint booth, plow assembly, and blower assembly. An outside display will include municipal plows/wings/scrapers, airport plows, Tyler Ice de-icer, SnoDozer and attachments, brooms, loader mount blowers, and a snow plow demonstration.  

Western Products Tour

This tour takes you to Western’s headquarters to see Western, Fisher, and Blizzard branded snow plows and salt spreaders being built in a modern manufacturing setting. Tour participants will learn how Western utilizes a “lean” philosophy that provides efficiency and quality to their processes. In addition to a few hands-on demonstrations, you’ll see first-hand how plows are cut and formed from flat steel, welded and assembled, powder coated, crated and shipped all over the world.