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May 15-21, 2016

Press Release
Every year National Public Works Week gets bigger and better. The number of participating municipalities continues to grow, which means the number of citizens who are exposed to the value of public works grows. At APWA one of our main goals is to educate the general public about the value and necessities of public works projects throughout North America, and public works professionals like you are our best ambassadors.
Since 1960, APWA has sponsored National Public Works Week. Across North America, our more than 29,000 members in the U.S. and Canada use this week to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works to their daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating at the heart of their local communities to improve everyday quality of life.

2016 NPWW Poster - SOLD OUT

Due to high demand, the 2016 National Public Works Week poster is sold out. 

The 2016 National Public Works Week Poster theme is "Public Works Always There." This theme showcases the pervasiveness of public works. Communities depend on public works, and the men and women of the profession are always there and always ready.

Dimensions: 20" x 30"


About the Artist:
The artwork for our 2016 poster was done by British-born Michael Crampton. After studying at the Art Center College of Design, Michael then went on to become the Art Director at Neiman Marcus in Dallas. After six years he moved to New York City and now freelances both here in the U.S. and in Europe. His favorite subjects include lifestyle and travel, and his artwork tends to evoke the romance of posters from an earlier era.

Promotional Artwork:

Please feel free to use the provided artwork below to help promote your organization's NPWW activities. To download, right-click and then click "Save As".

"I <3 Public Works" Social Media Profile Images

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For questions about NPWW, high resolution or other custom art requests, please contact David Dancy via email at or call 816-595-5250.

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