These APWA Fact Sheets provide helpful information about public works topic areas in an easy-to-read PDF format.

General Info

The Pothole Fact Sheet includes information about the origin of the term "pothole," what causes them, how they are repaired, and pothole prevention.

The APWA At-A-Glance Fact Sheet details many of the APWA organization key features, including membership, online tools, education and credentialing programs, as well as advocacy, Reporter magazine and Center for Sustainability information.

Transportation: Winter Maintenance

APWA “Behind the Storm – The Crucial Role of Public Works in Winter Storm Fighting” Fact Sheet details the responsible municipal and regional agencies procedures and plans for winter storms and emergencies, as well as snow and ice control strategies and tactics.

Emergency Management

“The Essential Role of Public Works in Emergency Management” Fact Sheet identifies the First Responders who respond to both manmade and natural disasters, including public works agencies, who take a comprehensive and collaborative role with other service providers such as police, fire and medical services, regarding the scope, management activities and agency interaction required for the many aspects of disaster response. A CPWA version is also available.