Who should apply?
For experienced senior executives ready to give back to the public works profession, Level 4 Public Works Leadership Fellows (PWLF) provides an opportunity to share years of experience and personal knowledge by mentoring aspiring leaders who are working through the challenges of today.

Program Description
The PWLF credentialing program is the fourth level of the Leadership and Management career path offered through the Donald C. Stone Center. With nearly half of the current leaders in public works nearing retirement age, the PWLF program was created to meet the critical need to foster and develop leadership skills in the next generation of public works executives. Leadership Fellows will have a unique opportunity to invest in the future through a focused mentorship program. This is, in essence, succession planning on a grand scale.

Program Availability
The DCS Center accepts applications three times per year: January, April and October. The 2016 application deadlines are:

January 13, 2016
April 30, 2016
October 12, 2016

Entry Requirements
Candidates with 20 or more years of relevant public works experience can be eligible for the PWLF designation. Be sure to include at least 20 years of relevant work experience on the PWLF application. Acceptance to the program will be determined by the Program Council.

What is required to maintain the PWLF designation?
Provide at least 40 hours of mentoring each year assisting a credentialing candidate (PWS, PWM or PWE) work through the requirements of the APWA DCS program.

Pricing Information:
Click here  for pricing details.

PWLF Waiver:
Click here to view and download the PWLF waiver.

Please note: Incomplete applications older than 120 days will be closed and removed from the system. If your application is closed and removed, you will have to submit a new application, and pay a new application fee.
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