The mission of the APWA Donald C. Stone Center for Leadership Excellence in Public Works (DCS Center) is to position public works professionals for the twenty-first century. In keeping with this important goal, the APWA Reporter and the DCS Center webpage will accept and publish research articles pertaining to public works. The Reporter will publish abstracts on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October. The full text will appear in the Applied Public Research section of the DCS Center site. As necessary, some of the articles will also have an application summary that explains the potential application or implementation of the research. Many of the articles appearing in the Applied Public Works Research section of the Reporter will be capstone papers written by participants in the DCS Center Level 3 Public Works Executive (PWE) program. Researchers are encouraged to submit papers that fit the requirements of this publication.  Research articles will be selected based on the applied nature of the paper and its relevance to public works. 

Peer Review 
Articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by the DCS Research Council, an expert group of professionals and academicians comprising the editorial board. The Research Council will contact the author directly when questions arise or when changes are recommended. Depending on the technical aspect of a submission, the Council may ask public works professionals to write a summary to highlight how the research can be applied. These will appear as Research Application Summaries. 
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