The Center for Sustainability Leadership Group is proud to announce the release of a new video that highlights the role public works plays in creating sustainable communities.  The goal of the Center in creating this video was to inform, educate and inspire you to learn more about practical and effective sustainable projects and solutions.  The video highlights innovative projects in seven cities across the US and Canada that are creating vibrant communities by balancing the environmental, economic and social needs of their communities.   The projects featured in the video reflect a broad range of municipalities and solutions to different community challenges and are easily replicable by other communities.   


As you watch the video think about how you are contributing to sustainability in your community --  – I bet most of you already have sustainable projects in your community.  Public works professionals have always been focused on creating and maintaining the quality of life in our cities and towns.  Also, as you watch, think about how you can implement similar projects and solutions in your community or what additional information or resources you need to create sustainable communities.  The Center for Sustainability Leadership Group created this video to help inform and inspire you because as President Diane Linderman says in the video “ …regardless of the size of your town, the climate, location or the financial resources you have at your disposal, we – as public works professionals—along with the people that live in our communities  -- together, we are all stewards of sustainability.” 


One DVD copy of the 22 minute video, along with additional materials from the Center for Sustainability, will be sent to all APWA Chapters in September, and Chapters and Branches are able to request additional copies of the DVD by contacting Julia Anastasio at for chapter and branch use. 





Runtime: 23:03                                                                                                   Watch on APWATV