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President Signs HR 5021 Into Law

On August 8, President Obama signed HR 5021, The Highway Transportation and Funding Act into law. The Senate previously passed the bill on July 31, by a 81-13 vote.  The nearly $11 billion proposal  “patches” the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) and keeps it solvent through May of 2015. 

Passage of HR 5021 stabilizes the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) in the short term and ensures the Department of Transportation will not have to ration federal funds for already approved projects.   HR 5021 extends customs user fees, alters pension fund rules, and transfers funds from the Leaking Underground Trust Fund (LUST) to keep the HTF solvent with $10.8 billion through May 2015. 

Although the dust is still settling, there are continuing calls for Congress to revisit the issue in the lame duck session and address long term, multi-year needs. 


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