Issue and Policy Priorities for 2015 - 2016
APWA advocates policies that create livable communities and economic growth on behalf of all levels of government. APWA’s public policy objectives are guided by these principles:
  1. Support for adequate investment in public infrastructure. 
  2. Respect for local authority. 
  3. Reasonable regulations and protection from unfunded mandates.
  4. Support for streamlining government oversight.
  5. Support for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Surface Transportation
Objective: Increase federal investment in transportation infrastructure; support full implementation of MAP-21; then enact a multi-year, multimodal surface transportation authorization that maintains a strong federal role and provides dedicated, reliable and equitable funding to both state and local governments for building, maintaining and operating state and local systems.

Sustainability, Environmental Protection and Public Health
Objective: Support legislative and regulatory issues that encourage sustainable environmental protection and public health.

Wastewater and Drinking Water Infrastructure Funding
Objective: Increase the federal investment in clean water and drinking water infrastructure.

Comprehensive Stormwater Management and Funding
Objectives: Support solutions that promote a comprehensive approach to stormwater management that recognizes the quality of life benefits associated with such actions. Support funding for the research pilot projects that support the development of best management practices.

Emergency Management
Objective: Increase federal Investment to public works as first responders for all-hazards approach in disaster assistance, security of public works infrastructure systems and emergency management that move toward effective mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery support.

Working in the public interest, APWA’s 29,000 members plan, design, build, operate and maintain transportation, water supply, sewage and refuse disposal systems, public buildings and other structures and facilities essential to our nation’s economy and way of life.