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Winter Maintenance What's New
Winter Maintenance Resources
  • Ready, Set, Plow Learn how to plan ahead to ensure that both your equipment and plow operators are up to the task of managing winter weather.
  • Eat Sleep Plow T-shirt 100% cotton maize colored T-shirt with navy blue ringed collar and sleeves. The slogan “Eat Sleep Plow” is imprinted on the front and the APWA logo is on the sleeve.
  • Snow and Ice Control: Field Handbook for Snowplow Operators This field handbook is to help promote the understanding of the tools, best practices and limitations of snow and ice control. It will help you understand when to use and when not to use these tools and practices. In addition, it encourages progressive changes in snow and ice control practices that will help you reduce sand/salt use and lessen environmental impacts while meeting the safety and mobility needs of roadway users.
  • Snow Removal, in Safety! This DVD covers topics such as planning before departure, road safety, first aid, breakdown of vehicles, clearing out roads and parking lots, and collection and loading of snow on public roads and sidewalk maintenance.
  • Snowfighter T-shirt 100% cotton T-shirt imprinted with APWA logo and verbiage, "Snowfighters Know How to Chill."
  • Anti-icing / RWIS Training The AI/RWIS Computer Based Training (CBT) is a self-paced, interactive multimedia winter maintenance CBT that follows sound adult learning principles. The program requires interaction by the student beyond simply moving from one page to the next. Practice and review exercises, fun facts, and links to key word definitions, a glossary, a Knowledge Base and Internet sites add to the experience.