Sustainability Events
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Sustainability Resources
  • How To Write a Sustainable Action Plan This program provides an overview of the process two cities - one US and one Canadian - used to develop and write Sustainability Action Plans for their communities.
  • A New Vision for Public Works Management This program provides an overview of the APWA Center for Sustainability, Framework for Vibrant & Healthy Communities, and the Center Leadership created to assist public works professionals in taking an integrated, whole systems approach to public works management.
  • Understanding Your Agency's Carbon Footprint This program presents an overview of the tools available to calculate carbon footprint, an explanation of trading carbon credits, and discussion of pending governmental regulations regarding emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Greening Existing Buildings This guide explains how to transform existing buildings into more energy-efficient, resource-conserving green buildings. The book provides a clear process that guides you, step-by-step, through each phase of moving building operations and maintenance toward the goal of a green-certified building.
  • The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability This publication provides ideas, plans, and tools to make it easy for your water utility to reduce negative effects on the environment, maximize positive impact in the community, and keep delivering water at a cost that reflects its value, but allows everyone to receive all they need.
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction This publication provides a solid understanding of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED-NC rating system, explaining step-by-step how to apply it to real-world construction projects.
  • Green Roof Construction and Maintenance This book presents all of the information you need to skillfully design, construct, and maintain green roofs. You will find a wealth of practical details gathered through real-world implementations and independent research.