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Solid Waste Resources
  • Talking Trash This collection of stories give you a taste of some of the wacky things that have happened to solid waste people during their careers. From accounts of strange telephone calls from distraught customers, to items that were lost at solid waste facilities, to oftentimes unreasonable comments from regulatory officials, and humorous events in the workplace, this is a book that only scratches the surface of the stories that could fill many books.
  • Beneficial Landfill Reuse In this book, several solid waste professionals share their wisdom and experience as they examine the possibilities and potential pitfalls surrounding landfill reuse.
  • Solid Waste Rate Setting and Financing This book helps managers better understand the issues involved in planning for and conducting analysis and rate making studies, budgeting, capital improvements planning, and financing approaches. In addition, it provides case studies.
  • Solid Waste Pocket Guide: Facts, This handy pocket guide is newly revised to include new information in the landfill and special waste sections. This quick-reference field guide contains selected information and data excerpted and summarized from various solid waste industry sources.
  • Organics Recycling: Going Beyond Yard Waste This program examines the merits of organic recycling and explores ways that source-separated organic discards are being recycled or composted by some communities who are striving to achieve their goals of waste reduction and diversion through curbside organics recycling programs.
  • Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the In Picking Up, the anthropologist Robin Nagle introduces us to the men and women of New York City's Department of Sanitation and makes clear why this small army of uniformed workers is the most important labor force on the streets.
  • Responsible Solid Waste Management This booklet will help you educate both the general public and elected officials about the basics of responsible solid waste management.
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