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  • Natchez, Mississippi: Essay #26 In this monograph, the author devotes attention to four key services as they developed in antebellum Natchez: fire protection, gas lighting, sanitation, and streets.
  • Historical Essay #27: Black Waters: This essay explores the serious public responses to oil pollution that did not surface until almost fifty years after the widespread oil pollution in the World War I era.
  • Oral Histories Collection Public works professional stand on the shoulders of giants, and this collection of interviews gives you insight into 10 of the profession’s tallest giants! Many of these interview have been out of print for several year, but now they are available to you in PDF format.
  • Mayor Frank P. Zeidler: Essay #25 This well-researched book establishes the historical context of conditions in Milwaukee at the end of World War II and examines Mayor Zeidler’s efforts to improve mass transit while stemming the decline of mass transit usage and provides his introspection on Milwaukee transportation policies.
  • Cities Take Flight: Essay #23 From grassy fields to virtual small cities, the responsibilities in municapl airport planning and construction have shifted. This important research from a premier aviation historian provides a solid understanding of how airports have evolved over the last century.
  • Historical Essay Series: Essay #18 - #31 A historical essay is published annually and serves as the Historical Society's academic periodical. Now, the Historical Society offers Essays #18-31 as a set.