More than 40 professionals earn APWA Fleet Certification

Since the program's launch in September 2006, 41 fleet professionals from the U.S. and Canada have earned credentials as Certified Public Fleet Professionals (CPFP) from APWA. Four professionals recently passed the CPFP exam in February and seven passed in April.

"CPFP certification is a hallmark of excellence for fleet professionals," said APWA President Larry Frevert. "We are excited to see the program grow and continue to attract fleet professionals striving to maintain excellent public works services in their communities."

Recent Certified Public Fleet Professionals include:

  • Alan Brown, Fleet Manager, City of Littleton, Colo.
  • Ronald Brown, Fleet Maintenance Superintendent, City of Conover, N.C.
  • `Donald George, Mechanic, Willingboro Township, N.J.
  • William Hills, Public Works Maintenance Supervisor, City of Overland Park, Kan.
  • Ernest Hutman, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Hillsborough County Fleet Management, Tampa, Fla.
  • Mary Joyce Ivers, Fleet and Facilities Superintendent, City of San Buenaventura, Calif.
  • Tom Kagianis, Supervisor, Fuel Materials Management, City of Hamilton, Ontario
  • David Martin, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, City of Lockport, Ill.
  • Jim McGonagle, Floor Leader, Town of Groton, Conn.
  • Keith Nicolson, Fleet Radio Supervisor, City of Eugene, Ore.
  • Virgil Wasko, Fleet Manager, City of Largo, Fla.

The role of the public fleet operation has evolved over the years from providing high-quality, low-cost repair service to asset management and related business functions. The Public Fleet Professional Certification program is designed to ensure individual competency and provide the public works industry with recognized hiring and promotion standards.

For more information about the Public Fleet Professional Certification program or APWA's other professional development initiatives, contact Certification Manager Becky Stein at (816) 595-5212 or

Certified Public Fleet Professional Upcoming Exams
October 19, 2008, Virginia Beach, Virginia; April 29, 2009, Des Moines, IA; September 16, 2009, Columbus, Ohio. For more information visit