APWA Book Review

401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
140 pp * 2007 * Chart Your Course Publications * Gregory P. Smith

Imagine—you have been working late to finish an important project when your project manager walks into your office and tells you she has been offered a better job. As she turns to depart she says, "There are others thinking about leaving too." What went wrong? How are you going to finish this project? Who will be next to leave? The dread is starting to sink in.

Facing a growing labor shortage of skilled workers, businesses are placing major importance on employee retention. Surveys show one out of every three people plan on quitting their jobs this year. Money and benefits are important, but most leave for other reasons. 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees provides the specific steps, techniques and tips that good organizations take to keep their best and brightest from leaving.

401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees provides practical solutions to promote high employee retention in your workplace.

Finding 1: The average cost to recruit and train one employee is estimated at 2.5 times an employee's salary.

Finding 2: It costs $678,000 in recruiting, training and missed sales opportunities every time a Sales Action Planner (SAP) quits!

Finding 3: U.S. businesses spend over $200 billion annually recruiting and replacing their employees.

Ten years of research has gone into the making of this book. It is packed with loads of practical advice, tips, case studies, suggestions and examples that not only retain, but also engage and make your people as productive as possible. No matter what industry you work in, this book provides solutions to attract and retain your best employees and help you become a business place everyone wants to work for.

You will discover hundreds of proven ways to:

  • Reduce turnover costs and create a high-retention culture
  • Improve cooperation between the Gen X, Y, and the Baby Boomer generations
  • Identify and eliminate the major reasons that cause people to quit
  • Keep people engaged so they work harder and stay longer
  • Get managers to take responsibility for retention
  • Develop individuals to their full potential and achieve success on the job
  • Use recognition strategies that make people feel appreciated
  • Energize your people and improve job satisfaction

The author has written this publication to highlight the fact that we all share in this dilemma. When you improve your business place and retain good people we all share in the benefits. Your organization becomes more productive; you reduce costs and as a result become more profitable.

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