The City of Murfreesboro: A proactive approach to public works facilities and services

Jay W. Bradley, P.E.
Project Manager
Wiser Company, LLC
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

  Fleet Maintenance building entrance

To continue to offer exceptional city services to its residents in a time of enormous growth, the City of Murfreesboro decided to expand several operational facilities and consolidate them into a new centralized location. 2008 will be the first full calendar year that the newly-relocated Solid Waste Department, Fleet Maintenance Department, Public Transportation Department, a fueling station and a salt storage bin will be in operation in their new location. Among the new facilities, the City of Murfreesboro will also have nine new lean-to storage buildings totaling more than 67,000 square feet, a new truck weigh scale and a five-acre mulching facility that supplies free mulch to local residents. The new facilities are located on Florence Road in the north portion of Murfreesboro just off Nashville Highway.

The design of the new multi-use public works facility began in the fall of 2004 by the local engineering, surveying and mapping firm Wiser Company, LLC. Construction of the buildings began in the summer of 2006 by Sain Construction of Manchester, Tennessee and was completed in the fall of 2007. The $12 million project is located on a 26-acre site and will serve the community for years to come. Along with the design of the site, Wiser Company provided construction oversight for the project to assist with all aspects of construction.

The site contains:

  • 8,500-square-foot Solid Waste Department office and all equipment
  • Rover - Public Transportation Department
  • 19,300-square-foot Fleet Maintenance Department and all equipment
  • 5-acre concrete slab 8" thick for the Mulching Facility
  • 4,000-square-foot salt storage bin
  • Fueling Station for City vehicles
  • 9 storage buildings totaling 67,250 square feet
  • Weigh scales for large trucks
  • RFID tracking system for city vehicles
  • 19 site security cameras
  • Site lighting for local emergencies

The site infrastructure includes:

  • 6,400 linear feet of water line
  • 6,500 linear feet of sanitary sewer
  • 2,100 linear feet of storm drainage
  • 1,500 linear feet of electrical/phone/cable/fiber PVC conduit

  Fueling Station for City vehicles

The project was completed in three phases. The first phase included mass grading of the site and the construction of the five-acre concrete pad to accommodate the City mulching facility. The second phase included the installation of the infrastructure to service the future buildings. Rollins Excavating of Murfreesboro, Tennessee installed 6,400 linear feet of water line, 6,500 linear feet of sanitary sewer line and 2,100 linear feet of storm sewer line. The third and final phase of the project was the construction of the buildings, paving all parking lots and driving aisles, and site lighting by Sain Construction.

The new Fleet Maintenance building consists of 19,300 square feet of offices, a break and reception area, a vehicle parts storage room and seven front- and back-accessible shop bays. The building also incorporates a 25' x 70' enclosed wash bay for cleaning trucks and equipment. The maintenance area of the building consists of five vehicle lifts, an oil service pit and seven sets of miscellaneous oil reels. A 10-ton crane is also utilized to raise and lower heavy equipment throughout five of the shop bays. Large rollup doors for the shop bays allow for easy entrance into the maintenance area from either the front or the rear of the building.

  Wash bay in the Fleet Maintenance building

The new Solid Waste building consists of 8,500 square feet of offices, a break area, and a large training/conference room. This state-of-the-art building is also the command center for the 19-camera security system and the radio frequency identification (RFID) controls that operate the site's security gates. Also incorporated into the building is the weigh scale tracking software to weigh trucks entering or exiting the facility.

Also located onsite is the City of Murfreesboro Public Transportation Department which is responsible for the administration and operation of public transportation service (Rover) within the City of Murfreesboro. It also works with and/or assists other regional providers with mobility issues. Rover began service to the public in April 2007, providing comfortable and convenient bus transportation for the citizens of Murfreesboro along six routes throughout the city.

An additional feature of the facility is the site lighting. In case of an emergency at night, the site can be fully lighted to serve emergency personnel.

The City of Murfreesboro is pleased to have these new facilities in operation and will utilize each facility in a continuing effort to offer outstanding services to its community. With the construction of the new Fleet Maintenance building and Solid Waste building the City will not only meet the needs of the community, but will continue to meet those needs for many years to come.

Jay Bradley can be reached at (615) 896-7375 or