APWA Book Review

Facility Manager's Maintenance Handbook (2nd Ed)
560 pp * 2007 * McGraw Hill Publishers * Richard P. Payant and Bernard T. Lewis

Facilities management professionals are dedicated to ensuring that their facilities are operated and maintained safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Successful facility managers understand that today's buildings often include complex systems, increased technological demands, ever-present terrorist threats, budgetary constraints, and a continuously changing workforce. They understand the necessity to advance and update their knowledge of facilities functions and services. These professional managers have learned how to quickly, safely and innovatively solve facility and personnel problems. As years pass, technology changes, facilities change and people change; however, the mission does not change. In fact, expectations from the people and organization served continue to escalate. Success depends on how well facilities are maintained, and how quickly one responds to unexpected challenges and communication problems, safety issues, utility problems and personnel problems. Delays in problem solving can cause financial collapse of an organization, and more seriously, life-threatening situations. This book is an endeavor to provide information, answer questions, and serve as a reference for facility managers.

An essential on-the-job resource, Facility Manager's Maintenance Handbook presents step-by-step coverage of the planning, design and execution of operations and maintenance procedures for structures, equipment and systems in any type of facility. This career-building reference provides the tools needed to streamline facility management processes, reduce operational costs and ensure the effective utilization, maintenance, repair and renovation of existing physical assets.

Now with 40% new information, this Second Edition includes brand-new chapters on emergency response procedures, maintenance operations, benchmarking, capital and operational budgets management, boiler and steam plant operations, and other vital topics. The only book of its kind to cover operations and maintenance, the updated Facility Manager's Maintenance Handbook features:

  • Updated information on mechanical equipment and systems maintenance
  • The latest fire protection procedures
  • A comprehensive account of building codes
  • Guidance on hazardous materials handling
  • Excellent preparation for the IFMA Certified Facility Manager (CFM) qualification

This publication contains 19 chapters that have been categorized into five main parts:

  • Part 1: Organizing for Maintenance Operations - covers organizational structure and program operations.

  • Part 2: Facility Operations and Maintenance; Operations Plans and Maintenance Plans - highlights operations plans, maintenance plans, preventive maintenance (PM) plans, predictive maintenance plans, indoor air quality (IAQ) plan, and technical improvements plan.

  • Part 3: Equipment and Systems Operations; Maintenance - features equipment and systems operations procedures, fire protection systems, electrical equipment and system maintenance procedures, outsourcing considerations, general cleaning, solid waste and recycling, landscaping services, elevator and escalator equipment and systems maintenance and repair services, water treatment services, and utilities infrastructure systems.

  • Part 4: Facilities Emergency Preparedness - centers on what the facility manager should do to prepare the organization for daily and one-of-a-kind facility emergencies that could have a negative impact on your organization's mission.

  • Part 5: Capital Investment - provides an overview of economics, accounting and financial analysis as applied to capital investing.

It is the authors' hope that this book will be a benefit to read on a daily basis. Its intent is to be a handbook, available close by, to which the reader can easily refer. There are many useful ideas and concepts sprinkled between its covers. This book is sure to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of facilities management.

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