Fleet Services Committee doing plenty for our members

Teresa Hon
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City Office

Many have asked just what the APWA Technical Committees do for the general APWA membership. The answer from the Fleet Services Committee's perspective—plenty! If you're familiar with the APWA publications Managing Public Equipment and Vehicle Replacement Guide (many of you must be because they're two of our best sellers) then you're reading material coordinated and/or created by members of APWA's Fleet Services Committee. And these are just two of the publications for which the committee is responsible. Before the end of the year we'll be releasing a new publication, Equipment Code Update.

Did your agency participate in the 2005 Click, Listen and Learn program "Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program" or purchase the CD-ROM from our bookstore? If your answer is yes, you've seen information presented by one of the Fleet Services Committee members. Each year the committee provides our Education Department with potential topics for Click, Listen & Learn educational programs. These suggestions are based on what the committee perceives as the needs of the membership or emerging issues.

Even workshop sessions at Congress feature speakers who are Fleet Services Committee members or were solicited by a committee member. This year's Congress in San Antonio will feature three more of those programs: "Going Once, Going Twice - Selling Fleet Assets Online," "Fleets Roll as First Responders" and "Emerging Issues with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Bio Fuels."

The information sharing doesn't stop here. APWA members interested in fleets should be subscribed to the Fleet infoNOW Community. Every month one of the committee members posts a topic or links to articles that would be of interest to those with responsibility in fleet issues. Additionally, you'll find that Fleet Services Committee members reply to questions posted on the forum. They may not identify themselves as a member of the committee but you are hearing from them nonetheless. Since the infoNOW Communities are free to APWA members you have nothing to lose and much to gain by subscribing to the community.

Then there's the Certified Public Fleet Professionals program. A number of years ago the Fleet Services Committee asked APWA to consider a certification program for public fleet professionals. At the time the only certification program available focused more on private fleet professionals. Since it was the first certification program undertaken by APWA, the committee played a major role in the developmental stages. Former committee members went on to serve on the Question Writing Committee or the Fleet Council (the advisory group for the CPFP).

In case you didn't know, the Fleet Services Committee also has a page on APWA's website. You can find their meeting summaries, contact information for the committees, links to APWA policy statements sponsored by the committee, a PowerPoint presentation on the work of the committee and the fleet section of the Resource Center. Visit often and let the committee members know what topics of interest you would like to see addressed.

Members of the Fleet Services Committee include Brenda Herrman (Committee Chair), Public Works Director, City of Hays, Kans.; David Higgins, Director of Fleet Maintenance, City of Boston, Mass.; Bill Ramsey, Vice President, Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corporation, Kansas City, Mo.; Clay Sharp, Assistant General Manager, Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission, Metairie, La.; John McCorkhill, Jr., Fleet Services Director, City of Lynchburg, Va.; and John Scharffbillig, Fleet Manager, Minnesota DOT, St. Paul, Minn. Ken Nerland, Director, General Services Department, City of Fresno, Calif., serves as the At-Large Director for the Fleet Services Committee. Providing representation for small and large agencies, public and private entities, as well as male and female APWA members, members also bring unique and dynamic perspectives to the committee's discussions.

So the next time someone wonders what the APWA Technical Committees do for the membership, you can honestly say PLENTY.

Teresa Hon serves as the liaison to two of APWA's Technical Committees: Fleet Services and Emergency Management. She serves as the staff liaison for the Public Works Historical Society and assists the Department Director with the accreditation program. She is also the program coordinator and technical services contact for the MicroPAVER (pavement management) program. Teresa can be reached at (816) 595-5224 or