APWA Book Review

Water Treatment Made Simple for Operators
272 pp * 2005 * Wiley Publishers * Darshan Singh Sarai

Perhaps the most important person at a water treatment plant is the plant operator because that person is responsible for treating the water to meet or exceed the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards and public expectations. Operators need to be competent and confident to provide healthy water to protect the public health. However, when they are trying to determine the best way to accomplish this, operators do not often have the time or desire to wade through a sea of hard-to-understand technical texts written by engineers and university professors. Plant operators need a comprehensive and complete book written in a simplified and easy-to-understand manner. Water Treatment Made Simple provides all the necessary tools to treat the water and resolve some of the day-to-day problems.

This publication is an easy-to-understand introduction to the increasingly complex functions of water treatment plants. All the required subjects such as lab, hydraulics, math, chemistry, and microbiology are included for proper understanding of the treatment. It's a perfect primer for anyone pursuing Water Treatment Plant Operator certification, and a succinct refresher for new hires since it covers all the fundamental proficiencies of water treatment, including laboratory testing, hydraulics, mathematics, chemistry, water transmission, disinfection, and microbiology.

Water Treatment Made Simple also serves as a highly illustrative reference featuring dozens of handy problem-solving tables that are invaluable for troubleshooting onsite, and brief and simplified versions of fundamental principles in each chapter, supplemented with common problems and possible solutions. It features:

  • Unique problem-solving tools to help operators diagnose and remedy problems throughout the treatment process
  • Self-review questions that help readers qualify their understanding of covered topics
  • A comprehensive list of references for further study
  • A helpful glossary and appendixes for quick reference

A water treatment operator is responsible for treating the drinking water 24 hours a day to meet all the government requirements and the public expectations. This book provides this information in a simplified manner.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Water Sources
3. Water Treatment Laboratory
4. Pretreatment
5. Coagulation and Flocculation
6. Sedimentation
7. Softening
8. Stabilization
9. Filtration
10. Disinfection
11. Taste and Odor Control
12. Fluoridation
13. Water Transmission
14. Hydraulics
15. Mathematics
16. Chemistry
17. Microbiology
Appendix A - Information Sources
Appendix B - CT Values
Appendix C - Chemicals Used in Water Treatment
Appendix D - Chemical Reactions in Water Treatment