APWA Book Review

The Project Management Toolkit: 100 Tips and Techniques for Getting the Job Done Right
A practical on-the-job resource for project managers in any industry
256 pp * 2004 * AMACOM American Management Association * Tom Kendrick

People responsible for managing projects are busy. And their jobs are made more difficult by time pressures, project complexity, and a lack of resources. Their ability to execute a project efficiently and well, especially in unexpected or new situations, is compromised. But it needn't be. The Project Management Tool Kit presents proven project management techniques in an accessible, easy-to-apply format. Based on the approaches used by successful project managers in many fields, the Tool Kit offers step-by-step methodologies for managing every conceivable project step.

These concise summaries will help you achieve consistently better results in your projects. Novice project leaders will be able to apply theory process steps as a road map to understand what is necessary in unfamiliar situations. Experienced managers can use the process summaries as a checklist to ensure that they do not leave out anything essential—especially when a project requires something out of the ordinary.

The Project Management Tool Kit is based on established, practical ideas used by successful project managers in many fields, and includes processes from all of the areas outlined in the Project Management Institute (PMI) PMBBOK Guide, 2000 Edition. Like any good reference book, The Project Management Tool Kit is organized for quick, random access to process guidance. The purpose of this book is to arrange the fundamental processes of project management in an easy-to-use, compact format.

All projects are different, so each will undoubtedly require additional processes, beyond those included here, to deal with unique challenges. While not every project will need all of the practices in this book, most will prove useful, particularly after you make the minor adjustments necessary to customize them to your specific environment.

Professionals at all levels will get the latest on:

  • cost estimating and budgeting
  • communications and technology
  • goals for individuals and project teams
  • organizational planning
  • coaching and mentoring
  • negotiation and decision making
  • establishing and retaining management support
  • implementing change and process improvement
  • quality assurance and control
  • risk assessment and management
  • scheduling and time management
  • and more—100 subject areas in all!

Complete with checklists and other tools for quick implementation, here is a practical and complete guide to mastering any project challenge. For more information on purchasing this book and other American Public Works Association books, please visit the APWA Bookstore online at www.apwa.net/bookstore or call the APWA Bookstore at (800) 848-APWA, ext. 5254.