APWA Book Review

Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program
30 pp * 2004 * APWA

Do you provide information about your department that can favorably influence decision makers? As a fleet manager you know the important role your department plays in the success of other departments, but can you make your case at budget time? Do decision makers rank the importance of your fleet management program as highly as you do? Have you done everything you can to present the importance of your operations to the rest of the City's service providers?

Street maintenance crews may work all night responding to a storm, but it was your crew that attached the snowplow blades to the trucks, and it was your mechanics that stayed in the shop all night ready to make any needed repairs. You know those things and many others as well, but today's fleet manager needs to be certain that the decision makers have all the facts when budget issues are on the table. It's difficult for decision makers to become enthusiastic about approving additional funding for an organization whose role and importance they don't fully understand.

In this publication you are provided concise and practical advice on how to demonstrate the value of your fleet management program and gain the influence that is required for you and your organization to be successful. While the discussion is limited to three specific methods—developing a business plan, service level agreements with customers, and a glove box customer service guide—the discussions are really aimed at describing attributes and strategies that are common to all successful businesses. These attributes are:

  • Be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Communicate and tell your story.
  • Focus on customer services.
  • Have a customer relations management program.

A companion CD-ROM contains templates of a sample business plan and customer service agreement. These templates and strategies should help you to improve your operations and influence the decision makers when important issues impacting fleet operations are discussed.

Also available from APWA is a Click, Listen and Learn CD-ROM program entitled Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program. This CD-ROM is based on the publication by the same name and provides to-the-point and useful advice on how to demonstrate the value of your fleet management program and gain the influence necessary for both you and your agency to be successful.

The program covers:

  • Communicating and telling your story
  • Differentiating between demonstrating value and establishing competitiveness
  • Developing visioning and mission statements
  • Developing a business plan
  • Negotiating service level agreements
  • Putting the focus on customer service

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