APWA Book Review

New from APWA!
APWA is pleased to bring APWA members eight brand new publications! These publications provide the latest on public finance, as well as what you need to know to be a public works director, facilitate meetings, and determine the value of your fleet management program. Two new historical publications focus on how airports have evolved over the last century and how Milwaukee transportation policies have guided transportation policymakers.

We're certain that these publications will be excellent resources and will provide you the latest information available in the field of public works to meet your needs.

A Public Finance Primer for Public Works Professionals: What You Need to Know But Didn't Know How to Ask
2004 * APWA * Lynda M. Dennis
Do you and your finance officer speak the same language? This book, by a CPA who learned "to speak public works" through her local government work experience, will give you insight into the mysterious world of the accountant's mind. After reading this primer you'll have a better grasp of the terminology and concepts you need to know so you and the finance officer can both get your jobs done.

Everything You Need to Know to Be a Public Works Director
2004 * APWA * John Ostrowski
Do you want to be a public works director? Do you need more information? A small-town public works director may fix a truck one day and present a budget to the city council the next. In a large city several people may be needed to perform the public works director role. Titles and requirements may vary; but this book discusses the common elements you need to know to be the best person for the job. Get all the info you need to be a public works director in this book!

Facilitating Your Own Meetings: Essential Skills for Managers and Supervisors
2004 * APWA * Bill Cook and Pamela Gardiol
The next meeting is your responsibility. Good news or bad? Are your facilitation skills rusty? Nonexistent? This book can help. Learn basic skills to effective facilitation. Get pointers for doing it yourself, knowing when to call on some other group member to facilitate, or identifying when you should bring in someone from the outside. Yes, you CAN hone your skills, increase your confidence AND design and run effective meetings!

Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program
30 pp * 2004 * APWA * CD-ROM Included
As a fleet manager you know the important role your department plays in the success of other departments, but can you make your case at budget time? Use this book to learn about the attitudes and strategies common to all successful businesses, and use the sample business plan and service level agreements to demonstrate the value of your fleet management program.

Cities Take Flight: A Centennial History of the American Municipal Airport
86 pp * 2004 * APWA * Janet R. Daly Bednarek
From grassy fields to virtual small cities, the responsibilities in municipal airport planning and construction have shifted. In the shadow of 9/11, the future of air travel tilts between the extremes of possible point-to-point travel from smaller airports in smaller planes to the construction of a new 550-passenger airliner. This important research from a premier aviation historian provides a solid understanding of how airports have evolved over the last century.

Works in progress
Be sure to look for these new publications being developed for you by APWA. These publications will cover developing your community's public works annex to ensure that critical public works-related activities are integrated into the community's Emergency Operations Plan, how to improve cost-efficiency and operations in snow and ice control, and how Milwaukee politics impacted transportation policymakers.

Emergency Management: Developing the EOP Annex for Public Works
"They" may not think of it, so you have to! This book is a must-have for public works agencies in planning their roles in all phases of emergency management. Use this manual to develop your community's public works annex (or annexes) to ensure that critical public works-related activities are integrated into the community's Emergency Operations Plan. Comprehensive planning is key to success when disaster strikes.

Snow and Ice Control in Urban Areas
APWA * Bruce A. Florquist
Seventy percent of roads in the U.S. are in snowy regions with an average of five-plus inches of snowfall, and 70% of the population lives there. The percentages are closer to 100 for Canada. It's no wonder snow and ice control has high-dollar impacts on public works agency budgets. This book focuses on successful administrative, financial and operational issues and techniques that will improve cost-efficiency and operations.

Planning for Milwaukee's Future: The Transportation Policies of Mayor Frank P. Zeidler
APWA * James J. Casey, Jr., JD
Controversy and transportation issues aren't strangers in Milwaukee politics. This book expands the research in The Politics of Congestion to examine in depth Zeidler's transportation policies to document the past and provide a useful guide for future transportation policymakers.

For more information on purchasing these publications and other American Public Works Association books, please visit the APWA Bookstore on-line at www.apwa.net/bookstore or call the Member Services Hotline at (800) 848-APWA, ext. 3560.