CPWA participates in Technology Road Map partners program

Heather A. McTavish
Government Relations Associate
APWA Washington Office

On June 6 the Canadian Public Works Association, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, and the National Research Council released the first Civil Infrastructure Systems Technology Road Map (CIS-TRM). Representatives from the federal government including the Labour Minister, the Honourable Claudette Bradshaw, and the Deputy Head of Infrastructure Canada, Andr‚ Juneau, were on hand to receive the report. Wally Wells, Partner, Dillion Consulting, Ltd., Toronto, ON and former CPWA President, was appointed by CPWA to be their representative on the Steering Committee.

The TRM is a comprehensive action plan that contains ten objectives and ten recommendations aimed at charting new and innovative ways to improve the maintenance and rehabilitation of our road and water systems. Highlights include:

  • Cataloguing and assessing infrastructure inventories for weakness and deterioration;
  • Greater public investment in research and innovation;
  • Disseminating information about best practices through academic curriculum and lifelong learning;
  • Measuring progress of the TRM in five years; and
  • The creation of an impartial expert, advisory body on infrastructure that brings all infrastructure stakeholders together to counsel the federal government on renewal, investment, and addressing policy gaps.
The results of the TRM were based on a broad national consultation process involving steering committees, expert panels, studies on Canada's infrastructure, and five town hall meetings. Unlike previous studies, the final report is a national vision resulting from a process that succeeded in bringing together numerous stakeholders in the fragmented infrastructure industry. If implemented by the government, the recommendations will improve public safety and ensure a strong economic future for Canadians.

Canada's Civil Infrastructure System (CIS) is the product of over 150 years of planning, investment and design. The CIS represents a $1.6 trillion asset—the cornerstone of the country's safety, health and economic prosperity. However, the long-term prognosis for Canada's infrastructure is in jeopardy. Canada's national infrastructure debt now totals $60 billion, and 50% of the CIS will have reached the end of its serviceable lifespan by 2027.

CPWA will hold an educational session at Congress entitled, "The Civil Infrastructure Systems Technology Roadmap: A National Consensus in Preserving Canadian Community Lifelines." The session will be held on Sunday, August 24, at 3:00 p.m. in the San Diego Convention Center. J. Geoffrey Greenough, Commissioner of Engineering & Public Works, City of Moncton, NB and former APWA President will serve as the moderator. Wally Wells will be the speaker.

For more information or to obtain copies of the TRM report log onto www.csce.ca/TRM or contact staff in the APWA Washington office at 202-408-9541.