The best of the best

Ann Daniels
Director of Technical Services
APWA Kansas City Office

We've all been told that the sign of a great leader is to surround him/herself with the best qualified people you can find. APWA is fortunate to have such a wide base of qualified members from which to select members for the Technical Committees.

Members of the nine Technical Committees are charged with the heavy burden of being the "centers of expertise" within their subject area. They are the core group who focus our organization on those issues and concerns most pressing and important for our membership.

Six APWA members compose each of the Technical Committees. An addition, an At-Large Director serves as the liaison from the Board of Directors to the committee and provides the conduit for expressing board interests and committee actions to each group. A staff liaison also provides the continuity and staff support necessary for any group to function well.

"Well," you say, "just what do these experts do that makes them so valuable to me as an APWA member?" Everything. They meet by conference call once a month, travel to Kansas City in mid-winter for two full (and I do mean FULL) days of training and committee work, contribute articles for the Reporter, offer ideas and often provide the materials for publications in their subject area, and review existing position statements and develop new position statements for specific issues at the federal level. They provide input to the Board of Directors on areas of interest within the association which concern their constituents. They are leaders in their field. They know the impact on day-to-day operations of new regulations and what training needs to be provided to our members to deal with them. They are respected by their peers and their coworkers. They are very busy people who believe in what they are doing and always make time to contribute to the meetings.

In short, they are YOU. They represent you and want to share your issues and concerns, your ideas on needed products and services, your success or horror stories with new procedures. They can only do that with your help.

Have you ever checked out the Technical Committee pages on the APWA website? Did you know their meeting summary is posted each month to allow you to stay in touch with what they're working on? Did you know their names and addresses are available on that site? Did you know they monitor the infoNOW Communities and respond frequently to the questions you pose?

If your answer to these questions was "No," please check out the information on each committee at The material is placed there each month as a benefit to our members and is there to provide easy access and information for you as you deal with specific issues in your workplace.

Please take time to check us out. Then do something more important: Contact a committee member, introduce yourself, and let them know what you are interested in. Offer to serve on a subcommittee for a special interest area. Tell them you appreciate what they are doing on your behalf.

This year's committees, the chair, At-Large Director, and staff liaison are listed below as a teaser so you will go to the website to get all the information. We trust you will follow their progress, offer your ideas, and become more involved with these important issues.

Emergency Management Committee: Brian Usher, Chair; Larry Lux, At-Large Director; Karen Bloodworth, Staff Liaison

Engineering and Technology Committee: Alan Garcia, Chair; John German, At-Large Director; Carol Estes, Staff Liaison

Facilities and Grounds Committee: Dwight Riggle, Chair; Larry Frevert, At-Large Director; Karen Bloodworth, Staff Liaison

Fleet Management Committee: Sam Lamerato, Chair; Larry Frevert, At-Large Director; Karen Bloodworth, Staff Liaison

Leadership and Management Committee: Wayne Tanda, Chair; Larry Lux, At-Large Director; Ann Daniels, Staff Liaison

Solid Waste Committee: George Crombie, Chair; Christine Andersen, At-Large Director; Art Gall, Staff Liaison

Transportation Committee: Richard Romer, Chair; Marshall Elizer, At-Large Director; Carol Estes, Staff Liaison

UPROW Committee: Roger Buell, Chair; John German, At-Large Director; Carol Estes, Staff Liaison

Water Resources Committee: Lamont "Bud" Curtis, Chair; Christine Andersen, At-Large Director; Art Gall, Staff Liaison

We value each of APWA's members for the strengths they bring to our association. The men and women appointed to this year's Technical Committees are the "Best of the Best" and we appreciate their dedication.

Ann Daniels can be reached at (800) 848-APWA or at