Dwayne Kalynchuk's Presidential Address at the 2003 Congress


Dwayne Kalynchuk, P.Eng.

APWA President


Editor's Note: President Kalynchuk gave the following address at the Congress Banquet on August 27, 2003.


My dear friends:


It is with great pleasure and in anticipation of an intensely interesting year that I enter upon the Presidency of the American Public Works Association.


  Dwayne Kalynchuk

My election to the Presidency reflects the truly international character of our association, for I am the fourth Canadian to be so honored. Furthermore, I would like to regard my election as a tribute to my public works colleagues in Canada from their working brothers and sisters in the United States. The traditional friendship of Canadians for Americans will, I know, be further strengthened by this generous act.


In assuming this responsibility I am not unmindful that our organization has had a rich legacy of leadership. This indoctrination will be both an inspiration and a guide on which to pattern my actions.


But the greatest inspiration that can come to those who serve APWA stems from the knowledge that its members are so unselfishly devoted to the welfare of the organization. I know of no group where the members—individually and collectively—apply themselves more diligently in helping each other. Therein lies the real strength of our organization, which was conceived with the lofty ideal of helping those in public service find the means to help themselves in doing a better job. How well APWA is achieving this function is attested by the continuing increase in both the number and caliber of its members.


Earlier I referred to the international character of our association, and I do believe that it is important for us to continue to focus on international awareness. As I mentioned in our Opening General Session, we truly are part of an international community, and even within public works we must become more aware of the issues and how to deal with them.


Along with international awareness, during my term I intend to concentrate on the issues of diversity and inclusiveness within our organization; updating our Strategic Plan to ensure that we will be a more responsive organization; branding, so that we will deliver a more consistent message; advocacy within our two countries; homeland security, which continues to be a priority within our association; and the importance of public works being acknowledged as a First Responder. Our continued growth in these areas will result not only in improvement of the public image of each of us individually, but will continue to help us better serve each of our communities.


In closing, I would just like to say that this week at Congress has been a significant learning experience for me. After all, learning is what Congress is all about. We attendees learn about experiences and activities of others in our field as well as about the equipment and services available to help us in our jobs. I learned a lot at this year's Congress, and I hope you did too.


Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your evening and your visit here in San Diego.


That concludes our program this evening. I hope you enjoyed this year's banquet, and we'll see you next year in Atlanta.