Awards 2003

APWA's Awards Program, the most prestigious in the public works world today, annually recognizes outstanding individuals, groups, and chapters who have demonstrated discipline, vision, and passion and who are truly dedicated to making a difference. The following award winners and their dedication to our profession are to be commended.

Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year

The purpose of the Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year Award is to inspire excellence and dedication in public service by recognizing the outstanding achievements of individual public works professionals. Recipients are recognized by their local chapters and presented with their plaques during National Public Works Week. Following are this year's choices.

John C. (Jack) Farnan, P.E.
General Superintendent
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

John C. (Jack) Farnan has served the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago since 1977 in a series of leadership roles including Chief Engineer, culminating in his current role of General Superintendent. He oversees an annual operating budget of over $800 million, and manages a staff of over 2,250 employees who are responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage from Chicago and 125 neighboring communities representing a population of over five million people.

Under his tenure, the District has completed some of the largest and most complex public works projects in the United States, including completion of the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan to solve the region's combined sewer overflow problems, and Sidestream Elevated Pool Aeration stations which are "Urban Waterfalls" to aerate the water in local waterways to enhance the aquatic environment, improve and protect fish populations, and eliminate odors.

Farnan has served his professional community in a variety of ways, including chair of a committee to develop the Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool for wastewater agencies, and a two-year role as President of the Chicago Metro Chapter's City Branch. He has been instrumental in involving his employees in the District in the activities of the chapter as well.

Rhonda Faught, P.E.
Cabinet Secretary
New Mexico State Highway & Transportation Department

Rhonda Faught, currently the Secretary of the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department, has experienced a long and distinguished public service career. Faught began a 15-year public service tenure at the state's Highway and Transportation Department in 1988, continually being promoted until she was chosen in 2003 by Governor Bill Richardson to serve at the pinnacle of the Department.

In her first years with the Department, Faught worked on projects involving local governments and coordinated some of the work with state and federal agencies. When she was the Technical Support Engineer in Albuquerque, she created the first automated highway design squad that is now the standard for all Districts in the state. She also established the Department's Local Government Assistance Bureau where she helped city and county governments through the federal aid processes as related to the ISTEA legislation.

In 2002, Faught was appointed Adjutant Secretary for the Department. She worked with the Governor's office and directly with the legislature on issues that affected the Department statewide and nationally. She also was responsible for the state's relations with Mexico, and bonding for the $1.2 billion Statewide Major Investment Program.

Thomas C. Kirkwood, P.E.
Industry Consultant
Kansas City, Missouri

Thomas C. Kirkwood is currently acting as an industry consultant while active in many engineering and community organizations. Since his retirement as Director of Public Works for Jackson County, Missouri, he continues to advise and participate in the public works developments of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Kirkwood started in consulting engineering at A.C. Kirkwood & Associates (ACKA) in 1948, a firm started by his father primarily working in mechanical and electrical engineering. In 1992, while Kirkwood was President of ACKA, ACKA merged with Shafer, Kline & Warren, Inc. with whom he completed the last eight years of his 52-year career in consulting engineering. In 2001, he was appointed Director of Public Works for Jackson County, Missouri, a role he performed through January 2003.

Kirkwood is active in a number of professional and civic associations, including APWA (Past President - Kansas City Metro Chapter); National Society of Professional Engineers; Missouri Society of Professional Engineers (Past President MSPE and Past President Western Chapter MSPE); Consulting Engineers Council of Missouri; and Society of American Military Engineers (Past President - Greater Kansas City Post). During his career, he has been registered as a Professional Engineer in nine states including Kansas and Missouri.

Tony Leffin
Director of Public Works
City of Maitland, Florida

Tony Leffin has been the Director of Public Works for the City of Maitland since 1987. His staff is responsible for providing potable, irrigation, and fire protection water services, the wastewater infrastructure, maintenance of all city buildings, city vehicles and small equipment, city streets, signs and striping, including grounds maintenance tasks for all city-owned property.

Under Leffin's direction, Maitland's Public Works Department established one of the first successful newspaper recycling programs in central Florida; implemented a highly successful water conservation program in 2000 that produced high reduction results and increased community awareness of water conservation; implemented the first comprehensive Citywide Stormwater Lakes Management Plan in Florida in 1996; set up the first public/private partnership with the 189.2-acre Maitland Center, considered one of the premier office parks in the southeast; and helped establish the Emergency Response Team within the City of Maitland.

In the past 10 years Leffin has served APWA's Florida Chapter as Vice President, President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President, Chapter Delegate, and chair of several chapter committees. He has also been a three-time President of the Board of Directors of the City of Maitland's Chamber of Commerce, and is a past President and District Governor for Maitland Rotary.

Diane M. Linderman, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Richmond, Virginia

As Director of Public Works for the City of Richmond, Diane Linderman is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Department that consists of the Support Services, Transportation Services, Environmental Services, and Special Project Services Units. She is responsible for an operating budget of $40 million, a capital improvement budget of over $10 million, and enterprise funds totaling over $25 million.

Linderman led the initiative to obtain an increase in maintenance funding for streets for cities from the Virginia Department of Transportation as well as other legislation to promote local control of transportation funding. She organized the Public Works Directors in Virginia and created the Virginia Public Works Alliance of the VA/MD/DC Chapter of APWA. Her peers elected her as the chair.

Linderman has served in several leadership positions that actively promoted APWA's involvement in the area of public rights-of-way management, including her involvement on a task force that recommended the creation of the Utility and Public Right-of-Way (UPROW) Technical Committee; UPROW Committee Chair; Steering Committee Member for the 2001 APWA Forum, "Communications Facilities and Public Right-of-Way Management: A Peaceful Coexistence"; and frequent speaker at APWA and National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors events.

Tim Madhanagopal, P.E., DEE
Plant Manager
Orange County Utilities Department
Orlando, Florida

As Plant Manager for the Orange County Utilities Department, Tim Madhanagopal is responsible for operations and management of multiple water reclamation facilities, wetlands system, planning, budget, compliance with regulations, technical oversight of capital improvement programs, staffing, training and counseling of personnel, and plant engineering projects. He participates in the rulemaking and policy development process, public education, and public relations activities; initiates and participates in the wastewater capital improvement projects; and represents the county on task forces and before regulatory agencies.

Madhanagopal is one of the founding members of the Industrial Pretreatment voluntary certification program in Florida. This team had developed and implemented the first voluntary certification program for pretreatment professionals and trained and certified hundreds of professionals in the field. This certification program continues to attract professionals from other states and serves as a model for other states. He continues to serve as volunteer instructor at this training school every year.

Madhanagopal has been an active Boy Scouts volunteer for the past 14 years; served as a Mathcounts volunteer for the past 14 years and coordinated the "Project Create" program in a local elementary school for the past two years; and served on the University of Central Florida's College of Engineering Minority Engineering Program Industry Advisory Committee.

Jack McCorkell, P.Eng.
Commissioner of Works
Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department
Whitby, Ontario

Jack McCorkell began working for the Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department in 1974 and was appointed to the position of Commissioner of Works in 2000. As Commissioner of Works, he is responsible for the provision of municipal services to Durham Region's 517,000 residents and businesses employing 170,000 people. He oversees a Works Department staff of 641 employees.

Key initiatives introduced by McCorkell during his tenure with Durham Region include the implementation of a Work Measurement System to improve productivity, utilizing industrial engineering principles to set work standards and measure performance of field crews; the development of Council-approved performance standards for maintenance activities to provide employees with guidelines on maintenance requirements and performance expectations; and the introduction of one of the first computerized Maintenance Management Systems in Ontario for Regional Roads, Water & Sewerage Systems to track activity-based expenditures, accomplishments, productivity and unit costs.

In addition to his membership in APWA, McCorkell is a member of numerous other organizations including the American Water Works Association, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, Ontario Good Roads Association, Composting Council of Canada, American Management Association, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Recycling Council of Ontario, Transportation Association of Canada, and Water Environmental Association.

Richard F. Stinson
Director of Public Works
Town of Wakefield, Massachusetts

As Director of Public Works for the Town of Wakefield, Richard Stinson is responsible for the Department's $12.8 million operating budget and its 78 employees. He also administers and is responsible for an average of $2.5 million in capital improvements. He directly oversees ten divisions, which include Highway, Water, Sewer, Parks, Forestry, Cemetery, Fleet Maintenance, Buildings, Administration, and Engineering. Stinson also serves on the Town's Traffic Advisory Committee, Stormwater Management Committee, and serves as the Town's representative on the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Advisory Board.

Among Stinson's initiatives as Director of Public Works are construction of a $2.8 million water treatment facility, rebuilding of the Town's largest sewer pumping station (a $1.3 million project), construction of a $300,000 passive park on Lake Quannapowitt, and rebuilding of the town hall parking lot (a $100,000 project). Additionally, Stinson has instituted an annual snow and ice staff training program, employee recognition day, and built a five-year capital plan that is updated annually and allows the Town to plan for the future.

Stinson's community service in the Town of Wakefield includes serving on the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Advisory Board (Community Representative, 2001-Present), Wakefield Traffic Advisory Committee (2001-Present), Saugus River Watershed Committee (2001-Present), Wakefield Board of Public Works (1985-1988), and Muscular Dystrophy Association - MDA Lockup Fundraiser.

L. Scott Tucker, P.E.
Executive Director
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
Denver, Colorado

Since 1972, L. Scott Tucker has been the Executive Director of the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, which encompasses 12,200 square miles consisting of six counties and 28 cities and towns. During his 31-year tenure as Executive Director, he has seen the District grow from a relatively small agency focused on the planning of flood control improvements to a major force in the design and construction of flood control projects throughout the Denver metro area's numerous urban waterways.

Tucker facilitated the District and FEMA in executing the first Cooperating Technical Partnership agreement in the U.S. in May 1999. He believed that because of the continuing growth of the Denver region it was important to work with FEMA to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date flood hazard data for the 32 communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program, which are served by the District.

Tucker has been a member of APWA since 1972. His involvement with the association includes President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Delegate of the Colorado Chapter (1976-1980), Executive Council Member, Institute for Water Resources (President 1984-1985), and the Product Users and Suppliers Council (1990-1993). He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Denver Regional Council of Governments, EPA Federal Advisory Committee on Phase II Stormwater Sources, and the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District.

James C. Wood, Jr., P.E.
Director of Maintenance
North Texas Tollway Authority
Plano, Texas

James C. Wood, Jr. has 28 years experience in public works and engineering organizations. As Director of Maintenance with the North Texas Tollway Authority, he is directly responsible for the maintenance of all roadways, bridges, signing, striping, facilities, and vehicles/replacement for the rapidly expanding organization. Additionally, Wood manages the Authority's Maintenance/Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Program, and manages the delivery of maintenance services for the Authority through a balanced program of in-house forces and contract personnel.

Accomplishments throughout Wood's career include managing the North Texas Tollway Authority's Asset Management Program; managing the creation of an "Ice and Snow Sanding Plan" for the Authority using the agency's GIS system; managing a five-year $47.5 million Capital Improvement Program for the City of Bedford, Texas; and developing and implementing an asset management program for the City of Bedford's street system using Micro-Paver that resulted in $22.7 million in increased funding for street resurfacing/reconstruction and the elimination of all potholes within the city.

Wood has given numerous presentations throughout his career, including "Using Asset Management to Protect Investments" (APWA Teleconference, 1998); "Pavement Preservation Seminar" (Texas Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Association, 1999); "Bedford Capital Improvement Program" (Mid-Cities Kiwanis Club, 1996); and "Implementing Micro-Paver Results in Increased Funding" (Texas Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Association, 1998).

Public Works Projects of the Year

The Public Works Projects of the Year Award was established to promote excellence in public works projects by recognizing the partnership between the project's managing agency, the contractor, and consultant/architect/engineer who, working together, complete public works projects. Projects are recognized in the categories of Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair; Environment; Historical Preservation/Restoration; Structures; and Transportation. Projects are further divided by the project's cost.

Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair

Less Than $2 Million

Eagle Creek Bridge Emergency Repair

  • Managing Agency: Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development, Clackamas, Oregon
  • Primary Contractor: F.E. Ward Constructors Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: David Evans and Associates, Inc.

$2 - $10 Million

Replacement of Keaiwa Stream Bridge

  • Managing Agency: State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Primary Contractor: Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company
  • Primary Consultants: Wesley R. Segawa & Associates, Inc.; KFC Airport, Inc.

More than $10 Million

Clearwell Roof Collapse: Emergency Response

  • Managing Agency: Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, Detroit, Michigan
  • Primary Contractor: EBI Detroit, Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: NTH Consultants, Ltd.


Less Than $2 Million

Rio Nuevo Landfill Stabilization Project

  • Managing Agency: Environmental Management, City of Tucson, Arizona
  • Primary Contractor: Hydro Geo Chem, Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: Hydro Geo Chem, Inc.

$2 - $10 Million

Crystal Spring Filtration Plant

  • Managing Agency: City of Roanoke, Virginia
  • Primary Contractor: Mid Eastern Builders, Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: Wiley and Wilson, Inc.

More Than $10 Million

Hart Street Wastewater Pump Station Force Main Replacement

  • Managing Agency: Department of Design and Construction, City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Primary Contractor: Modern Continental Companies
  • Primary Consultant: Wilson Okamoto Corporation/URS Corporation

Historical Restoration/Preservation

Less Than $2 Million

Soo Line "S" Bridge

  • Managing Agency: City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Department of Public Works
  • Primary Contractor: Great Lakes Marine Contracting, Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: Fleming, Andre & Associates, Inc.

$2 - $10 Million

Holman Stadium Improvements

  • Managing Agency: City of Nashua, New Hampshire, Department of Public Works
  • Primary Contractor: Bread Loaf Corporation
  • Primary Consultant: CMA Engineers, Inc.


Less Than $2 Million

Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drain Structure No. 4

  • Managing Agency: Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drainage Board, Lansing, Michigan
  • Primary Contractor: Champagne & Marx Excavating
  • Primary Consultant: Spicer Group Inc.

$2 - $10 Million

Wells Street CTA Structure

  • Managing Agency: Chicago Department of Transportation, Bureau of Bridges and Transit, Chicago, Illinois
  • Primary Contractor: Walsh Construction Company of Illinois
  • Primary Consultant: Teng & Associates, Inc.

More Than $10 Million

The Centre of Elgin

  • Managing Agency: City of Elgin, Illinois
  • Primary Contractor: Gilbane Building Co.
  • Primary Consultant: Williams Architects


Less Than $2 Million

110th Street and Lamar Avenue Roundabout Improvements

  • Managing Agency: City of Overland Park, Kansas
  • Primary Contractor: Pyramid Contractors, Inc.
  • Primary Consultant: Olsson Associates

$2 - $10 Million

Broadway "Diamondback" Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

  • Managing Agency: City of Tucson, Arizona, Department of Transportation
  • Primary Contractor: Hunter Construction Company
  • Primary Consultant: T.Y. Lin International

More Than $10 Million

Wacker Drive Reconstruction Project

  • Managing Agency: Chicago Department of Transportation, Bureau of Bridges and Transit, Chicago, Illinois
  • Primary Contractor: Walsh Group
  • Primary Consultants: Earth Tech, Inc.; Alfred Benesch & Company; Teng & Associates, Inc.; McDonough Associates, Inc.; CTE Engineers; T.Y. Lin International

Charles Walter Nichols Award

The Charles Walter Nichols Award recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievement in the environmental field. This includes, but is not limited to, street sanitation, refuse collection, disposal and recycling, sewers and sewage treatment, water supply, and water treatment.

Dori Brown
Recycling Coordinator
Department of Public Works
City of Newport News, Virginia

Within the City of Newport News, the Solid Waste Division has taken charge of ensuring that citizens have adequate knowledge of the services provided and promotes their role in being environmentally responsible. Dori Brown, the City's Recycling Coordinator, developed a partnership with a fellow outreach specialist in the Department of Engineering with the intention of producing a creative, useful outreach tool: an Environmental Calendar. Since much of the information within applied to services rendered to the Solid Waste User Fee paying customers, the calendars were mailed directly to those accounts (approximately 40,000 households), with additional calendars made available at outreach events.

The response from the initial calendar was overwhelming by both the public and municipal sectors. Residents appreciated the environmental information provided in a format that they could hang and use throughout the year. Calendars provided an opportunity to remind citizens of holidays, makeup collection schedules, and leaf collection routes. The partnership between Public Works and Engineering set the example of successful collaboration amongst varying city offices. Citizens are made aware that their community involvement is what makes Newport News a viable, growing community and an environmentally safe place to live.

Harry S. Swearingen Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service

The Harry S. Swearingen Award was established in 1958 to perpetuate the memory of Harry Seller Swearingen, who worked untiringly on behalf of APWA. The award recognizes the valuable and dedicated service of APWA members at the chapter level.

Harold (Hal) Hultquist, P.E.
Construction Engineer
Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment, Inc.
Dexter, Michigan

Harold (Hal) Hultquist, P.E., has given 50 years of service to building and growing the Michigan Chapter of APWA. From the start, in 1953, Hultquist recognized and believed in the value of APWA for promoting professionalism and education for its members. Membership in APWA not only shaped his future, but he was instrumental in shaping the future of the chapter through his outreach, mentoring, and business approach to growing the organization. Most importantly, Hultquist's contributions to the association have been driven by his vision of the future for public works and his professional association.

Hultquist joined APWA in 1953 and rose through the chapter officer ranks, becoming Chapter President in 1956-57. He has served as Chapter Secretary and Chapter Treasurer since 1996, and is the Alternate Delegate this year. In addition, he has served on the Chapter's Executive Committee, Membership Committee, and the Public Works Projects of the Year Committee. Hultquist has been instrumental in developing the chapter's awards and educational programs, and is known for his organizational abilities and experience in setting up large meetings. He arranged and organized the first "Michigan Night Dinner" in 1953 during the APWA Congress, and subsequently brought chapter members together at Michigan Night during Congress for the next 25 years.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education - Individual

The Donald C. Stone Award recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievements of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals.

Roy Robinson
Program Coordinator
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

Roy Robinson is the Program Coordinator for the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center at Texas A&M University. He has been a key individual in the past two years in establishing and reinforcing the visibility of public works as a First Responder to acts of terrorism.

The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) employed Robinson in November 2000 to coordinate and develop an APWA-sanctioned public works program concerning terrorism. The first pilot of the course—"Public Works: Planning for and Responding to Terrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction"—was conducted in Lubbock, Texas in February 2001. The course brings together communities to discuss public works practices and the importance of public works as a First Responder, and was certified by the Department of Justice in May 2001. During 2002, the course was delivered 84 times, all across the United States, to approximately 2,500 participants. In 2003, it is projected that this course will be delivered in excess of 100 times to more than 4,000 participants.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education - Individual

Arthur R. Shaw
Operations Engineer
Public Works Department
City of Virginia Beach, Virginia

At the APWA Congress in 1999 Arthur R. Shaw attended a presentation by the St. Petersburg, Florida Public Works Academy. Inspired by that presentation, Shaw returned to Virginia Beach and began the arduous process of creating a replica of the Florida model in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Today the Hampton Roads Public Works Academy exists as an incorporated not-for-profit organization, a partnership of local governments, a regional utility, the local community colleges, and Old Dominion University.

Under Shaw's leadership the planning focused on development of a "cadet" program modeled after the Florida academy. The concept is to provide introductory information on a broad range of public works specialty areas to encourage pursuit of careers in public works to the recent high school graduate, the unemployed or the underemployed. The curriculum is designed to help cadets identify particular areas of expertise that interest them and match them with a local government internship. The goal is to improve the image of careers in public works while providing a higher caliber pool of potential workers, ready to work with basic job skills and licensed for commercial driving.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education - Chapter

The Donald C. Stone Award is also intended to recognize chapters for their work in delivering educational opportunities for all levels of persons engaged in the delivery of public works services.

Northern California Chapter

The APWA Northern California Chapter's educational program has brought the chapter to the attention of public works agencies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2002 the chapter organized an extensive program of luncheon speakers covering items of current interest to public works professionals, topics of which included "Carquinez Bridge Replacement," "History of B.A.R.T." and "Asset Management in Public Works." In addition, the Education Committee developed a program of half- and full-day seminars that covered a broad range of topics taught by the most knowledgeable people coming from the public and private sectors.

The highlight of the chapter's educational program is the annual "Streets & Sewers" seminar, a two-day conference featuring the latest procedures, products, issues and new technologies in street and sewer maintenance and repair. Also, a meeting was held with twenty public works directors from throughout the Bay Area to determine the educational needs of their agencies. The directors requested onsite classes to minimize the absence of employees during their workday. These onsite programs will include topics such as "Marin County: Construction Contracting for Public Entities: Minimizing Risk and Resolving Disputes" and "City and County of San Francisco: Construction Inspection."
Community Involvement Award

The Community Involvement Award is given to recognize public works leaders who are also leaders in their community; to encourage public works professionals employed by governmental agencies to become active leaders in their community; and to restore public trust in public employees through recognition of outstanding community leadership.

Dennis Walaker
Director of Operations
Public Works Department
City of Fargo, North Dakota

Dennis Walaker has been a strong contributor to the quality of life in the Fargo, North Dakota community. He has chaired and organized the City's United Way campaign since 1992, and has continuously led the Public Service Division of the United Way since 1997. In addition, he has served a member of their Board of Directors for the past three years.

Walaker has displayed strong leadership in the North Dakota State University Teammakers organization, a booster group for NDSU athletics. A member of the Board of Directors since 1994, he advanced through the leadership chairs and served as President during the 1999/2000 school year. He also has been actively involved with the Hospice of the Red River Valley, serving as a member of their Board of Directors and as Co-Chair of the Hospice Endowment Steering Committee. Walaker has had an impact on other community-wide activities through Project Tomorrow, a metropolitan-wide visioning process, and through committees of the Chamber of Commerce.

Young Leader Award

The Young Leader Award recognizes and encourages young APWA members who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession and the association and show potential for future growth within the association. This award promotes the concept that length of career does not necessarily indicate one's leadership abilities or potential for service.

Wayne A. Gudenkauf, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
City of Overland Park, Kansas

Since 1997, Wayne A. Gudenkauf has been active in the Kansas City Metro Chapter's activities, serving first on the Education Committee and then as its chair. In 2000 Gudenkauf assumed the chair of the National Public Works Week Committee and led participation in the events of that week to new heights, culminating in a NPWW luncheon that was attended by nearly 400 people. The next year he was asked to chair the chapter's Membership Committee while continuing to serve on the NPWW Committee. Under his leadership, chapter membership increased 3.3% in 2001 and 5.9% in 2002.

As a senior civil engineer for the City of Overland Park, Gudenkauf has served as project manager for several major new infrastructure projects. From 2000-2002 he managed a major thoroughfare widening project to relieve congestion in one of the most congested retail areas of the City, and the contractor for this project was awarded the City's first-ever Excellence in Construction award. At the awards ceremony, the owner of the firm receiving the award cited Gudenkauf's excellent project management skills as a key factor in his company's success.

Young Leader Award

Patricia (Patty) Hilderbrand, P.E.
Planning Group Leader
Public Works Department
City of Kansas City, Missouri

Patricia (Patty) Hilderbrand joined the Kansas City, Missouri Public Works Department in 1997 as a Project Manager in the Planning & Special Projects Group. In just six years she has promoted to Group Leader for Public Works Planning and has been at the forefront of transforming Kansas City's Program and Project Management processes. She had an immediate effect on her fellow employees through her work with the Employee Quality Work Improvement Process (EQWIP), the Public Works Department's employee empowerment program.

Hilderbrand has been a much-appreciated leader in the Kansas City Metro Chapter of APWA in recent years. In 2001 she served on the Chapter Awards Committee and was a vital part of developing new chapter awards. She assumed the chair of that committee in 2002 and tripled the number of award submittals for the chapter. For 2003, she has accepted the chair of the chapter's Engineering and Technology Committee. At the national level, Hilderbrand is serving her first year as a member of the Leadership and Management Committee and is a member of the current APWA National Homeland Security Task Force.

Diversity Exemplary Practices Award

The Diversity Exemplary Practices Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to diversity. APWA defines diversity as follows: value of all individuals and different perspectives of those individuals, and providing the process for all to feel included as part of the whole. Diversity includes race, gender, creed, age, lifestyle, national origin, disability, personality, educational background, and income level. Diversity is neither an affirmative action nor an equal opportunity program.

H. Reed Fowler, Jr.
Director of Public Works
City of Newport News, Virginia

In 2001 Reed Fowler, Director of Public Works in Newport News, Virginia, began a team-building exercise for his employees, whose input would lead to a Diversity Training Program for the Public Works Department as well as the Fire Department and the Department of Social Services. The idea for the Diversity Training Program began when improvement in race relations was identified as an area for improvement, as part of the team-building exercise.

The departmental initiative that Fowler developed and implemented has tremendously impacted the day-to-day relationships of the department. Under Fowler's guidance, all employees have received relationship training with individuals unlike themselves. During the training, employees were provided information that a diverse organization is a stronger organization. Each employee or component of the department amplifies the total performance of their fellow employees by providing a new perspective and strength to the organization.

Diversity Exemplary Practices Award

Suzanne Crane Engineering, Inc.
Milwaukie, Oregon

The firm of Suzanne Crane Engineering, Inc. has long been an advocate for employing and advancing women and other minorities in the public works career field. As a fairly small firm of usually fewer than 20 employees, its workforce has employed a number of staff representing a variety of cultural backgrounds, races and ethnic origins. These individuals are provided with challenging assignments, training sufficient to improve work skills, and a work atmosphere free of fear and undue stresses.

As a woman-owned business, Suzanne Crane Engineering, Inc. has a direct interest in identifying, counseling, and hiring women to work as engineering technicians, engineers and surveyors. This is accomplished by stating its focus in promotional materials and networking with colleges and other outplacement agencies to encourage women to consider a career with the firm. In addition, the firm has endeavored to solicit women and minority firms to serve as subconsultants on project teams whenever possible. In several cases, the firm has been able to construct a team made up completely of women- and minority-owned firms to serve its clients.

Exceptional Performance Award

The Exceptional Performance Awards recognize individuals, teams, or organizations in the areas of adversity, journalism, and safety whose outstanding contributions in the course of performance raise the level of public awareness of the profession.

Adversity recognizes exceptional performance in the face of adversity in service to the public.

Flood Response and Recovery, July 2002
Public Works Department
City of San Antonio, Texas

During the period of July 1-7, 2002, the City of San Antonio Public Works Department responded to a record rain event, during which parts of the City received more than 34 inches of rain. The Director's Office maintained 24-hour representation in the City's Emergency Operations Center and was able to have direct interface with the City Management to direct flood response efforts city-wide. By the end of the fifth day, the Director's Office and Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives were assessing public infrastructure damage.

The Public Works Department responded to the flood event with nearly all divisions. The Street Maintenance Division performed round-the-clock barricades operations at 154 different locations, and hauled water and materials to flood-damaged areas and emergency shelters. The Traffic Operations Division replaced and repaired traffic signals and signs throughout the response period. The Capital Programs Division inspected and monitored the capital projects under construction and immediately began assessing the bridges city-wide. The Stormwater Operations Division cleared numerous downed trees from public rights-of-way and cleared debris from the streets. All normal operations ceased from July 1 through July 7, and nearly 10,000 person-hours or five person-years were expended during the response.

Journalism recognizes exceptional performance in presenting the story of a public works issue or event that projects a positive image of individuals or agencies in the course of their performance in both broadcast and print mediums.

"Take A Closer Look" Public Outreach Campaign
Public Works Department
City of Eugene, Oregon

"Take A Closer Look" was developed as a public information campaign by the Eugene Public Works Department to help the citizens of this western Oregon community understand the physical causes of pavement deterioration as well as the complex issues involved with funding a pavement preservation program. The campaign built on the information included in APWA's The Hole Story: Facts and Fallacies of Potholes, and localized the key messages developed by the Rebuild America Coalition.

The "Take A Closer Look" information campaign started with statistically valid research to determine the community's opinions and levels of knowledge. A detailed communications plan crystallized the objectives of the information campaign. The final campaign included a video, a website, a newsletter, fact sheets, community presentations, and extensive media coverage. The campaign significantly increased public awareness, and in late 2002 the Eugene City Council agreed to adopt two new sources of revenue—a monthly transportation system maintenance fee and a local gas tax—to raise the revenue needed to fund a pavement preservation program.

Safety recognizes exceptional performance in the area of safety.

Pedestrian Safety Program
Public Works Division
City of Glendale, California

Making the streets safer for residents and visitors alike is a priority for the City of Glendale. A number of pedestrian safety programs have been put into place by both City staff in the Police Department and in the Traffic & Transportation Section in the Public Works Division. All of these activities, in one way or another, help to reduce the amount of pedestrian-related accidents in Glendale.

Pedestrian safety programs developed by the City of Glendale include the Safe Route to School Program; Crossing Guard Program; traffic calming measures to slow traffic speed; portable pole-mounted speed display signs; "Disco Lights" Sequential Crosswalk Warning Lighting System; radar trailers and portable pole-mounted radar boards to discourage speeding; Computerized Traffic Collision Database Program; public service announcements to increase public communication and education on pedestrian safety; "Bike Rodeos" Program; and "Video Camera In This Area" Program.

Technical Innovation Award and Management Innovation Award

The Technical Innovation Award and the Management Innovation Award recognize an individual, team, or organization for the development and implementation of a creative idea, device, process, or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment.

Technical Innovation Award

Country Lanes
City of Vancouver, British Columbia

The City of Vancouver has developed an environmentally sustainable "Country Lane" design that makes back lanes greener and more attractive. The lane features two narrow strips of concrete that provide a smooth driving surface. The area between and beside these bands is made up of a structural component that is topsoiled and planted with grass. This structural grass can support vehicles and prevent grass roots from being compacted and rutting the soil. The road base is a mixture of aggregate, which provides structural stability, and a sand/soil mixture that allows for drainage and provides the soil components required for grass growth. This engineering soil was developed by the City of Vancouver staff.

This design will allow rainwater to percolate over vegetation and through the ground. The natural absorption allowed by this combined lane surface reduces discharge into the storm sewer system, recharges groundwater, and reduces peak flows into rivers. The increased vegetation will filter stormwater and improve air quality. Aside from the environmental aspects, this innovative sustainable design also has many other advantages including traffic calming, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Management Innovation Award

Canadian National Benchmarking Program
Earth Tech
Burnaby, British Columbia

The Canadian National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative is one of many benchmarking initiatives worldwide aimed at measuring and improving utility performance. The initiative began as a pilot project with four participant cities, and with an investment by project manager Earth Tech and the National Research Council of Canada, has grown to the point where the initiative serves as the national standard for water and wastewater utility benchmarking in Canada. The partnership represents approximately 50 percent of Canadian utilities from coast to coast with a service population greater than 50,000, representing more than 60 percent of the Canadian population. This innovative, pioneering project has set a high standard for future benchmarking endeavors.

The project manager credits the complete and active participation of all participants as the key to the project's continuing success. Now in its fifth year, the initiative has progressed into a range of continuous improvement segments, and a normalized mechanism to report on performance improvement and utility accountability. The project highlights the benefits that can be gained from working together as a team, and how creative thinking can break the status quo. The initiative has found that its best resources for performance improvement lie within the group, and that by sharing information and ideas freely, continuous improvement becomes incorporated into the culture of an organization.

Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence (PACE)

The PACE Award recognizes APWA chapters for their positive impact on their membership, their profession, and their community. Following are this year's choices.

Chicago Metro Chapter
The Chicago Metro Chapter's annual conference and trade exposition is a well-attended event held during National Public Works Week in May. The chapter extends an invitation to the Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan Chapters, which allows members in the Midwest who may not have the opportunity to travel to the National Congress to attend a public works show. They also may not have the resources to develop a local show of this magnitude. The conference has also been expanded to allow additional non-APWA organizations to join the effort. These include the Mid-Central Water Works Organization and the Municipal Fleet Managers.

Kansas City Metro Chapter
The Kansas City Metro Chapter added 121 new members during 2002, with a net gain of 46 members. The net membership was increased by 5.9 percent from 775 to 821 members in 2002. The chapter is ranked 16th nationally in net percentage gain in membership and 4th nationally in net new membership increase through December 2002. Information on membership has been available at chapter meetings and activities. It has been especially helpful to have committee members located at the sign-in tables for chapter meetings to identify visitors and provide information regarding membership to prospective members.

New England Chapter
The New England Chapter continues to provide educational opportunities to its membership, including a wide variety of training opportunities regarding environmental issues. Most recently, the chapter has provided training on hazardous waste issues, general environmental compliance and audit procedures, the use of alternative fuels, sewer system optimization, sanitary sewer inflow elimination, phosphorous removal from watershed areas, spill prevention technologies, and others. These issues were covered in a major initiative undertaken by the chapter in concert with the Environmental Protection Agency.

New Jersey Chapter
The New Jersey Chapter has provided funding for the establishment of a special collection of APWA publications at the Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology's (CAIT) technology transfer library at Rutgers University. The collection has been updated to include a complete video library of more than 50 videotapes. The publications are available on loan to not only the APWA membership, but to anyone interested. Approximately 100 publications are currently in the special collection, in addition to several CD-ROM programs. This endeavor further enhances the ongoing partnership between the New Jersey Chapter and CAIT in supporting education.

New York Metro Chapter
Many of the New York Metro Chapter members are members of other community-related organizations. The chapter has members who participate in American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Rotary Club, American Cancer Society, Lions Club, Hudson River Cleanup, and Earth Day activities throughout the year. Many members volunteer considerable amounts of time with the various scouting and youth sports organizations. Several members have held intern and mentoring programs at local schools encouraging students to consider a career in public works. Most of the chapter members are intimately involved in recycling education efforts in their respective municipalities.

North Carolina Chapter
One goal of the North Carolina Chapter is to raise public awareness of the contributions of public works professionals in sustaining the viability of our communities. Activities during National Public Works Week combined with community services such as the chapter's community environmental project established several years ago by the Equipment Services Division (sponsorship of a household hazardous waste collection day) assist in creating a positive image to acknowledge contributions public works employees make each day. The Building and Grounds Division has adopted a community project for ongoing service in the town of Todd.

Northern California Chapter
The Northern California Chapter has paid special attention to encouraging young engineers to enter the public works field. The chapter found that many small cities were willing to employ engineering students during the summer. However, they lacked the resources to do the advertising, interviewing and selection. The chapter stepped in by creating the "APWA Chapter Internship Program" which took over those functions, thus simplifying the hiring process. Last summer, 27 engineering students were employed by municipal governments through this program. This innovative Internship Program was accepted by APWA into its tool box of useful ideas.

Ontario Chapter
Social member-to-member outreach events are as important to an association as are other services such as technical and continuing education opportunities. The Ontario Chapter sponsors a Night at the Races at certain times of the year, a curling bonspiel, ski day, luncheon during National Public Works Week, and an annual golf tournament. All events provide networking opportunities that are usually in the top ten expectations of members in any professional organization. Members are able to meet and converse with each other in a collegial environment so that professional relationships can be forged, and better appreciations are developed of the work environments and issues of fellow members.

Oregon Chapter
Each year the Oregon Chapter's Scholastic Foundation awards scholarships to civil engineering students at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University and Portland State University. The scholarships were established to recognize and financially assist civil engineering students who are interested in pursuing a career in the broad field of public works. Full-time civil engineering students who have achieved junior standing in civil engineering at the beginning of the academic year of the award will be considered for the scholarship. Students who receive the award during their junior year will again be eligible for the award during their senior year, assuming they maintain eligibility for the scholarship.

Sacramento Chapter
As public works professionals in an area of relatively rapid economic development, the Sacramento Chapter members are keenly aware of the need to balance infrastructure needs while protecting the environment. Chapter luncheon topics recognizing challenges of accommodating development while maintaining the environment and neighborhoods included "Regional Growth Issues," "Environmental Process" and "Security Seminar." In addition, the chapter sponsored a very successful Environmental Streamlining Efforts Seminar. The seminar attracted more than 120 attendees who learned all aspects of environmental streamlining as it relates to transportation development.

Texas Chapter
The Texas Chapter participates annually in the APWA Region VII Leadership Training. APWA leaders from Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas attend this valuable training program. The chapter recommends attendance and provides scholarship assistance to make this training program available for those interested in serving in a leadership position within the chapter. In December 2002, the chapter initiated a workday to facilitate a smooth transition of leadership. Representatives of all branches were present for the facilitated work session. The 50 participants received instruction in financial reporting systems, sponsorship, and leadership succession.

Washington Chapter
The Washington Chapter has been very involved with supporting issues that inform the community on key public works issues. One of those issues was in support of a major transportation referendum facing the citizens of Washington. The chapter prepared a public resolution in support of Referendum 51 and promoted a positive vote. Through its Stormwater Committee, the chapter is very involved with providing technical assistance in the development of stormwater management legislation. Key issues for the year included developing a recommended response to the West Nile virus for stormwater agencies and developing a response to the NPDES Phase II permits.


The purpose of the accreditation program is to provide a means of formally verifying and recognizing public works agencies for compliance with the recommended practices set forth in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. It is a voluntary, self-motivated approach to objectively evaluate, verify and recognize compliance with the recommended management practices.

The following cities attained accreditation in 2003:

City of Dublin, Ohio, Department of Services
Dana L. McDaniel, Service Director
Accredited April 25, 2003

City of Newport News, Virginia, Department of Public Works
H. Reed Fowler, Jr., Director of Public Works
Accredited April 25, 2003

Village of Skokie, Illinois, Department of Public Works
Dennis S. York, Public Works Director
Accredited April 25, 2003

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