KCAPWA signs "Partnering Agreement" with HCA

Larry Frevert, P.E.
Deputy Director of Public Works
City of Kansas City, Missouri

In one way or another, "partnering" has always existed on public works projects. The relationship between the government agency "owner," a design professional consultant, and a contractor is critical to the success of every project.

In recent years, APWA has entered formal "Partnering Agreements" with various entities that have similar concerns for delivery of public works projects in a timely, efficient, and economic manner. According to APWA: "These partnerships broaden both the services and strengths of APWA and enable the association to make the most efficient use of its resources without duplicating products and services available to members from other sources." A complete list of APWA partnerships can be found at www.apwa.net/About/partnerships/.

In the Kansas City Metro Area, our public works agencies probably "partner" most frequently on our projects with contractors who are members of the Heavy Constructors Association of the Greater Kansas City Area (HCA). For this reason, the Chapter Executive Committee has pursued a "Partnering Agreement" with the HCA. The primary credit for this, our first partnering agreement, goes to Chapter Delegate Mike Asbury, who was the most supportive of this partnership and provided examples of similar agreements between other chapters and their "partners." This agreement was ratified by the membership and signed by me as 2001 Chapter President and Jim Kissick, current HCA President, at our December 19 Holiday Party. A signed copy of this agreement can be viewed and, if desired, downloaded and printed from: www.kcapwa.net/docs/KCAPWA~HCA%20Signed%20Partnering%20Agreement,%2012~19~01.doc.

In the upcoming months, Chapter President Chuck Madden will be appointing members of the KC Metro Chapter to the "KCAPWA/HCA Partnering Committee" to guide the fulfillment of the agreement.

Larry Frevert, Past President of the Kansas City Metro Chapter, can be reached at 816-513-2618 or by e-mail at larry_frevert@kcmo.org.