APWA book review

APWA's Public Outreach Series offers 10 booklets addressing right-of-way, pothole, water conservation, transportation, snow and ice control, and other areas. This series presents a broad overview of each issue, highlights key concepts, and provides statistical information, illustrations and strategies for addressing these issues in your community. Each is specifically targeted to the appropriate audience and written in an easy-to-understand format. Many contain glossaries of terms, and detailed references for websites and sources for further information.

Through this series, APWA aims to provide public decision-makers with an understanding of the issues and how to develop their own strategies for addressing them. These inexpensive resources will assist you in promoting understanding and awareness of the issues, services, and answers to your community.

Listed below are the available community outreach booklet publications:

Stormwater Issues and Answers
36pp. — 2000 — APWA

Consumer's Guide to Water Conservation — Dozens of Ways to Save Water, the Environment, and a Lot of Money
72pp. — 1993 — APWA — ISBN 0-89867-726-2

Fight Winter and Win: A Survival Guide for Public Officials
12pp. — 1992 — APWA

Let There Be Light
13pp. — 1997 — APWA

Leveling the Playing Field: An Overview of Managed Competition
15pp. — 1999 — APWA

Taking It to the Streets: Information For the Non-Traffic Engineer
2001 — APWA

The Hole Story: Facts and Fallacies of Potholes
17pp. — 1998 — APWA

Why Curb and Gutter?
12pp. — 2000 — APWA

Why Manage the Right-of-Way?
2001 — APWA

For more information on purchasing these and any other American Public Works Association books, go on-line to www.apwa.net or call 816-472-6100.