APWA's "Cool" Group

Ann Daniels
Director of Technical Services
APWA Kansas City Office

Did you know there is a subcommittee of APWA's Transportation Committee? Did you know they are one cool group of folks who are APWA's experts on matters of snow and ice? If not, be certain to take note of the articles in this edition of the Reporter because several of them were written by members of the subcommittee.

The Winter Maintenance Subcommittee has adopted the following mission statement: On behalf of the citizens we serve, to be an informed action and advocacy group to promote the development and use of the safest, most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally sensitive winter maintenance technologies, equipment, materials, and practices; so these citizens can enjoy an excellent quality of life during the snow and ice season.

To address this mission statement, the subcommittee has adopted three goals: 1) To disseminate winter maintenance technologies throughout the APWA member agencies, 2) To serve as an advocacy group for the APWA agencies in providing input at the AASHTO/APWA/NACE Winter Maintenance Coordinating Committee meeting and to help develop priorities for the SICOP (Snow and Ice Cooperative Program), and 3) To develop or make available winter maintenance training on proven processes, techniques, and materials for agency managers, front-line supervisors and workers.

Diana Clonch, Operations Manager for the City of Columbus, Ohio, is the current chair of the subcommittee. Bret Hodne, Public Works Superintendent, West Des Moines, Iowa is serving as Vice Chair. Other members include: Mohamed Alkoka, Ottawa, Canada; Michael Dooley, St. Louis County, MO; Kevin Koch, Philadelphia, PA; Steve Kaar, Naperville, IL; Rachelle Middleton, Kansas City, MO; and Greg Hoffman, Sylvania Township, OH. New members are currently being sought and anyone with an interest in participating should contact Diana Clonch at

In addition to the actual members of the subcommittee, anyone interested in the field of snow and ice is welcome to participate as a "Friend" of the group. Dick Hanneman, President, Salt Institute; Karen Wilson and Michael Long, APWA Education Department staff; and others share this level of involvement.

The subcommittee has five main points on their Business Plan for the coming year: 1) They will plan an education session on a winter maintenance issue for presentation at APWA Congress 2003 in San Diego, CA; 2) they will assist in the development of a new Snow and Ice Manual for publication by APWA; 3) they will assist in identifying topics and speakers for the North American Snow Conference to be held in Quebec City in April 2003; 4) they will write or solicit articles for the October issue of the Reporter for 2003; and 5) they will disseminate information through the Winter Maintenance page on the APWA website at

The work of the subcommittee is accomplished through two meetings annually: one at the International APWA Congress in the fall, and the second at the North American Snow Conference in the early spring. Much work is conducted through the technology of e-mail, as well as through conference calls.

The members of this subcommittee are all actively involved in the subject area of snow and ice. The information they provide to APWA members is based on first-hand knowledge and experience. While the outside temperature at each of the past two Snow Conferences has been much above normal, global warming has not dampened the enthusiasm of this real "cool" group of APWA members.

To reach Ann Daniels, call 1-800-848-APWA or send e-mail to