Roundtable Discussions

Monday and Tuesday, 12:30-1:30 p.m. on the exhibit floor

Learning from each other, networking, comparing experiences, exchanging ideas...that's what Congress is all about.

And that is what many of you say is the number one reason the yearly International Public Works Congress and Exposition is so valuable.

In response to this, for the fifth year in a row, special times will be set aside for these informal discussions with knowledgeable facilitators to help each group get the most out of each session.

These "Roundtable Discussions" are scheduled Monday and Tuesday from 12:30 until 1:30 p.m. on the exhibit floor.

To make certain you can join a group discussing exactly what you want to either know about or have input to share, the tables will be divided and clearly marked by subject matter.

Each session will be initiated by the facilitator with a brief overview of the subject matter, and then the floor will be open to the entire group. From there on, the facilitator's only role will be to pose a few thought-provoking questions and elicit contributions from the group for determining and developing possible solutions. The possibilities and directions are endless. No two sessions will be the same.

The subject matter of each roundtable has been determined by member interest as well as its particular appropriateness for the sharing of information among members.

The following is a list of roundtable topics from which to choose.

MONDAY, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

APWA Membership Recruitment and Retention
Facilitators: Lee Hawkins and Patty Mahan, American Public Works Association, Kansas City, MO

Hosting a Congress: A Guide for Chapters
Facilitator: Paul Hindman, Urban Drainage & Flood Control, Denver, CO

What's New in Winter Maintenance Programs?
Facilitator: Diana Clonch, City of Columbus, OH

Compare Notes with other NPDES Phase II Communities
Facilitator: Chuck Strehl, York County, PA

Leadership and Communication
Facilitator: Richard Weston, Thurston County, Olympia, WA

Managing Historic Sites
Facilitator: Steve Dey, Providence Metropark, Grand Rapids, OH

ROW Management Initiatives and Innovations
Facilitator: Doug Brown, City of Overland Park, KS

Public Policy and Government Relations
Facilitator: John Ostrowski, JOMC, Vancover, WA

Marketing Facility Management
Facilitator: Chuck Griffin, Carter-Burgess, Mississauga, ON

Project Engineering Costs
Facilitator: Gordon Siebert, City of San Jose, CA

Developing Standards and Specifications Facilitator: Doug Wesselschmidt, City of Shawnee, KS

Implementing Small City/Rural Community and Technology Changes through Networks
Facilitator: Andy Haney, City of Ottawa, KS

Partnering Opportunities Between APWA & Other Countries
Facilitator: Ben Yazici, City of Sammamish, WA

How to Develop a Public Works Academy
Facilitator: Roland Bryant, Public Works Academy, St. Petersburg, FL

Developing Chapter Web Pages
Facilitator: Hiep Nguyen, American Public Works Association, Kansas City, MO

Tips for Making National Public Works Week Work for You
Facilitator: Jon Dilley, American Public Works Association, Kansas City, MO

TUESDAY, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Emphasizing Diversity in Chapter Activities
Facilitator: Jennifer Barlas, Chair, Diversity Committee

Income Tax Implications of your Chapter's Corporate Sponsorship Programs
Facilitator: Teri Newhouse, American Public Works Association, Kansas City, MO

One-Call Services and Damage Prevention
Facilitators: Claudette Campbell, Utilities Protection Center, Duluth, GA; Don Evans, Utilities Underground Location Center, Renton, WA

Facilitator: Rudy Davidson, City of Louisville, KY

Asset Management
Facilitator: Kent Lande, VMS, Inc., Richmond, VA

Alternative Project Delivery Methods
Facilitator: David Burstein, PSMJ Resources Inc., Atlanta, GA

APWA-InfoLink: The Internet & Public Works
Facilitator: Dave Reinke, American Public Works Association, Washington, DC

What do you want to do with E-government?
Facilitators: Susan Shu, City of Los Angeles, CA; George Wentz, Berryman and Henigar, Santa Ana, CA

The Impact of the New TEA-21 Proposed Legislation on Small Communities
Facilitator: Gregory Dore, Town of Skowhegan, ME

Training and Productivity Improvements
Facilitator: Warren Andrews, City of Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Click, Listen, and Learn-Distance Learning at Your Desktop
Facilitator: Bob Guletz, Harris and Associates, Concord, CA

Recruitment and Retention of Employees
Facilitator: Steve Magnusen, Village of Libertyville, IL

Marketing your Services & Products in Mexico
Facilitator: Robert Kass, City of Campbell, CA

Public Art in the City
Facilitator: Rachel Lazarus, City of Tallahassee, FL

Tips for Implementing an Emerging Leaders Program at the Chapter Level
Facilitator: Ann Daniels, American Public Works Association, Kansas City, MO

Graffiti, Here Today-Back Tomorrow
Facilitator: L. Cameron Harper, Clark County Public Works, Las Vegas, NV