Washington Insight

APWA TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force appointed

Andrea J. Fisher
Manager of Government Relations
Washington, DC office

Recently, President Judy Mueller appointed 11 members and one Board of Directors liaison to serve on an internal task force for APWA to develop policy and guiding principles for the organization throughout the TEA-21 Reauthorization process. The legislation is due to expire in 2003.

Letters of interest were solicited late last year and a great deal of interest was demonstrated with over 50 very qualified applicants responding. The 12 appointed members that have agreed to serve on the task force include:

* Chairman, Donald LaBelle, CA
* Board of Directors Liaison, Marshall Elizer, TN
* Jerry Fay, WA
* Bruce Florquist, WY
* John German, TX
* John Herzke, VA
* Edward Laudenslager, IL
* Mary Meloy, OR
* Milton Mitchell, NY
* John Okamoto, WA
* Richard Storm, KY
* Lance Wilber, AK

The task force held its first meeting on March 19-20 in APWA's Washington office. It is the responsibility of the task force members to draft, evaluate, and review policy recommendations to the Board of Directors. Once the Board of Directors reviews and decides whether to adopt or alter the policy proposals brought forth by the task force, this policy will guide APWA membership and direct the government relation's staff throughout the transportation reauthorization process. The task force will tentatively meet again during APWA Congress in Philadelphia in September.

APWA also had a task force in place during the reauthorization of the Intermodal Surface Transportation and Efficiency Act (ISTEA). At that time, eight members served APWA in this capacity and drafted the policy supported by APWA through that legislative process which resulted in TEA-21. Three current members of the TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force-Jerry Fay, John German and Marshall Elizer-also served on the ISTEA Task Force. Their experience and background will certainly add to the effectiveness of the TEA-21 Task Force.

Please contact Andrea Fisher or any of the Government Relations staff in the DC office at (202) 408-9541 if you have any questions concerning the TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force.

FHWA prepares new and improved guide
The Federal Highway Administration's Office of Real Estate Services is preparing a new and improved Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies. If you are a local public agency, this guide will provide information you need when you are involved with a project that receives any Federal financial assistance and requires the acquisition of real estate.

This guide will provide a road map of the Federal laws and regulations which might apply to your project, explain how the laws and regulations work, and provide you with an understanding of how the real estate acquisition process is an integral part of the overall project development process. The guide will provide you with an overview of the various real estate acquisition processes (including acquisition, relocation assistance, valuation and property management) and will put you in position to access the resources and information you need to successfully carry out your project. The guide will be available this summer through several media (printed form, CD-ROM, and through FHWA's web site, http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/realestate/index.htm.