Glad You Asked

The following is contributed by Dennis Ross, Director of Professional Development:

For several years, John D. "Mac" MacMullen has been the editor of the "Glad You Asked" column. Mac passed away on Monday, February 19th at his home in Kansas City, Missouri. His passing has touched thousands of APWA co-workers, friends, and colleagues around the globe, many who have responded to Mac's continual barrage of requests for questions and corresponding answers to those questions.

Mac used the questions, and responses received, as the basis for his "Glad You Asked" column. He also gleaned questions and solutions sent to APWA's general e-mail address (, the general discussion forum on our web site (, and the various APWA infoNOW Communities (member-only subscription electronic networking groups) as material for his column.

While we never officially referred to "Glad You Asked" as "Mac's Column," that is what it was. Mac's enthusiasm for providing "good stuff that people can use" as he often said, was nothing less than amazing. We are determined to continue "Glad You Asked," but we need your help in continuing to send us your questions and, just as important, your responses to questions posed by others which are essential in continuing the legacy that Mac started. Please send your questions to APWA-we will continue to find the answers and print them in "Glad You Asked."

Editor's Note: Although I only knew Mac for little more than a year, I can truly say that he was one of the nicest people I've ever known. Mac was sincere, courteous, full of compassion, and always willing to help his colleagues with any problems. I always looked forward to working on this column with him each month. He will be missed by all of us.

Q. What are APWA's electronic networking groups, also known as infoNOW Communities, and how do I take advantage of them?

A. infoNOW is an acronym for Information and Networking on the Web, which is a system of networking groups designed to benefit APWA members. Subscribers to individual infoNOW Communities (there are currently nine communities) have the ability to request information about public works issues from hundreds of other APWA members. The Communities are also used to inform APWA members about breaking issues and announcements relating to public works.

By networking with practitioners across the U.S. and Canada, infoNOW Community subscribers receive valuable, useful information about their immediate information needs. To subscribe, visit the APWA web site at and log on to the Members Only section, which requires you to have your APWA ID number that is printed on the mailing label of the APWA Reporter, then choose infoNOW Communities and subscribe to those that are of interest. You may choose a "digest" option which will deliver all of the inquiries as a single daily message, or you may choose to have them delivered as they are posted throughout the day. Once you are subscribed, post your question-and don't forget to respond if you have an answer to a question by one of your peers.