Index to 2001 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 11 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2001. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the Reporter website at

APWA-InfoLink and infoNOW: There is a difference!, Feb, pg. 6
APWA-InfoLink: Providing benefits and opportunities for members, March, pg. 11
APWA-InfoLink moves forward, April, pg. 20
APWA-InfoLink: Knowledge is power, May, pg. 7
APWA-InfoLink removes the cones, opens for traffic, June, pg. 8
Patching the virtual pothole: the Internet and public works, July, pg. 24
What's W-R-O-N-G with R-O-W..., Aug, pg. 10
Who is doing what, where, and when in the Right-of-Way: New directions in infrastructure collaboration, Sept, pg. 20
When the "other" is YOU..., Oct, pg. 13
A new environment, Nov, pg. 16
The year in review, and coming attractions, Dec/Jan, pg. 16

2001 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, pgs. 9-15

Lon Hultgren, pg. 9
Ramankutty Kannankutty, pg. 9
Mike Kashiwagi, pg. 9
Abe U. Malae, pg. 10
Larry J. Nadeau, pg. 10
Ronald L. Norris, pg. 11
Ric Robertshaw, pg. 11
Thomas J. Rolen, pg. 12
Jon R. Ruiz, pg. 12
John O. Trent, pg. 12
2001 Public Works Projects of the Year, July, pgs. 40-53
Milham Avenue Pedestrian Overpass, pg. 40
Downtown Water Main and Sidewalk Reconstruction Project, pg. 41
City of Minneapolis Public Works Facilities, pg. 42
Baker's Lake Heronry Reconstruction Project, pg. 43
Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility, pg. 44
Glendale West Area Water Reclamation Facility, pg. 45
Emergency Repair of the Blue River Sewer, pg. 46
Grand Forks Water Distribution System Improvements, pg. 47
Poynette Municipal Building and Police Department Renovation, pg. 48
Central Business District Redevelopment Project, pg. 49
Pico-Garnier Block Improvements Project, pg. 50
James P. Kirkwood Bridge, pg. 51
The Rathole Project, pg. 52
Q Street Underpass/New Bakersfield Amtrak Station, pg. 53
APWA awards accreditation to three agencies, Sept, pg. 22
APWA Reporter wins award, Sept, pg. 36
Awards 2001, Nov, pg. 24

Book Review
Trenchless Technology Applications in Public Works, June, pg. 17
Traffic Calming Primer, July, pg. 25
Managing Public Equipment, Aug, pg. 13
APWA Equipment Code, Aug, pg. 15
Basic Supervision in Public Works Training Package, Sept, pg. 25
Guide for Snow and Ice Control, Oct, pg. 21
Public Works Management Practices Manual - 4th Edition, Nov, pg. 21
Why Not Do It Ourselves? - A Resource Guide for Local Government Officials and Citizens Regarding Public Ownership of Utility Systems, Dec/Jan, pg. 19

Congress 2001
What does Congress mean to you?, April, pg. 30
Plan to attend 2001 Congress, June, pg. 12
First Timers in retrospect, July, pg. 26
Things to do, places to go in Philadelphia, July, pg. 29
Congress is just around the corner, Aug, pg. 2
Fifty reasons to attend Congress, Sept, pg. 40
Bookstore to offer more than 300 titles, Sept, pg. 42
One-day passes available for Congress, Sept, pg. 43
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept, pg. 43
Roundtable Discussions, Sept, pg. 44
2001 Congress in Philadelphia, Nov, pg. 8
Educational sessions at Congress, Dec/Jan, pg. 18

Corporate Directory
APWA Corporate Member Directory of Products and Services: alphabetical and categorical listings, April, pg. 57

Emergency Management
Emergency management after-action reporting, April, pg. 43
Disaster debris management: Two great challenges for local governments, April, pg. 44
The role of public works in urban search and rescue teams, April, pg. 46
Public works and the Incident Command System, April, pg. 48
Public Works: Preparing for and responding to terrorism/weapons of mass destruction, July, pg. 38

Hot dog dirt, March, pg. 21
Cleaning up the mess, March, pg. 24
Waste or treasure?, March, pg. 27
Turning brownfields into dreamfields, March, pg. 30
The new generation of environmental issues: extended producer responsibility, March, pg. 31
Charleston County public information and education, March, pg. 33

How to develop vehicle equipment specifications, pt. 1, Aug, pg. 12
Equipment maintenance in Greeley, Colorado, Aug, pg. 16
Cost saving strategies using synthetic oil, Aug, pg. 20
City of Yuma experiments with hybrid vehicles, Aug, pg. 22
How to develop vehicle equipment specifications, pt. 2, Sept, pg. 53

March is National Women's History Month, March, pg. 13
Broom at the top, April, pg. 38
Celebrating diversity, April, pg. 41
Putting infrastructure in view, on the books, May, pg. 18
Take Your Kid to Work Day, July, pg. 35
Simply good business, Sept, pg. 14
Telecommunications, Boom or Bust?, Sept, pg. 46
MoDOT untangles the Triangle through public cooperation, Sept, pg. 56
Right-of-Way Donations: Getting more bang for your buck, Sept, pg. 60
Mosquito control can save lives, Sept, pg. 62
Public Works: Success in a non-traditional environment, Oct, pg. 14
Observations and lessons learned about diversity, Nov, pg. 19
Volunteer the "Superglue" that holds group together, Dec/Jan, pg. 9

Information Technology
Computerized maintenance management systems in a large-scale public works organization, June, pg. 19
Portland Public Works enters the dot-com world, June, pg. 24
Internet brings new view of construction, June, pg. 26

Innovative Financing
Public-private partnerships: Persevering for a cleaner environment, Dec/Jan, pg. 24
Public works financing through proven capital funding techniques, Dec/Jan, pg. 26
Bringing home the bacon: Creative infrastructure financing at the local level, Dec/Jan, pg. 30
Unconventional work force: Cleaning major canals with prison labor, Dec/Jan, pg. 33
Improving work processes and management systems in a public works organization, Dec/Jan, pg. 34

Inside APWA
Bush Cabinet picks include two APWA award recipients, Feb, pg. 3
APWA Board adopts policy encouraging use of the modified approach for complying with GASB Statement 34, Feb, pg. 5
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, pg. 10
Index to 2000 Articles, Feb, pg. 13
APWA North American Snow Conference, Feb, pg. 16
Scholarships: How to get the biggest return on investment, March, pg. 6
Check out the new site, March, pg. 15
Directory of 2001 chapter contacts, April, pg. 12
APWA Board of Directors, April, pg. 13
APWA Staff, April, pg. 14
APWA accreditation promotes good government - public works style, April, pg. 26
New APWA staff, April, pg. 36
PWHS Endowment Fund established, June, pg. 3
Snow Conference a success, June, pg. 10
Candidates for the 2001-2002 APWA Board of Directors named, July, pg. 8
New APWA staff, July, pg. 32
APWA financial overview for 2000, Sept, pg. 8
All assets are not alike under GASB 34, Sept, pg. 10
University of Connecticut graduate students help local agencies through use of APWA's self-assessment process, Sept, pg. 18
Diversity discussions enhance awareness at APWA, Sept, pg. 24
Top 10 reasons to subscribe to APWA's infoNOW Communities, Sept, pg. 30
APWA and WERF to discuss stormwater research plans, Sept, pg. 34
APWA encourages members to join the Common Ground Alliance, Oct, pg. 8
APWA partners with MATHCOUNTS, Oct, pg. 12
New APWA staff, Oct, pg. 21
APWA and ICMA sign agreement to collaborate on international initiative, Dec/Jan, pg. 6
APWA works on streamlining regulatory process, Dec/Jan, pg. 8
Common Ground Summit II a success in Atlanta, Georgia, Dec/Jan, pg. 10
National Summit on Transportation Operations, Dec/Jan, pg. 15

International Idea Exchange
Mexico: Will political changes lead to better public works management?, Feb, pg. 15
Public works delivery in the Slovak Republic, March, pg. 18
Mexican public works conference coming to Ciudad Juarez, March, pg. 20
Asset managers, or merely asset owners?, May, pg. 13
The humanitarian work of RedR, June, pg. 16
The Yellow Brick Road, July, pg. 33
APWA delegation attends AMMAC Public Works Conference in Juarez, Aug, pg. 7
All-state Congress held in Slovakia, Aug, pg. 8
Public works in Central Europe: Public works associations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia report progress, Aug, pg. 9
International Affairs Committee activities report, Sept, pg. 38
Salinity: Coming to a town near you?, Oct, pg. 16
International Affairs Committee Congress meeting is an affair to remember, Nov, pg. 18
The big issues in public works: An international perspective, Dec/Jan, pg. 21

National Public Works Week
NPWW poster focuses on outreach and education, April, pg. 33
National Public Works Week: Our week to shine, May, pg. 2
APWA sponsors National Public Works Week message to Congress, July, pg. 7
Canadian communities celebrate National Public Works Week, Sept, pg. 23

Staff member leaves legacy of service, April, pg. 6
Ellis Armstrong, public works icon, dies, April, pg. 8

President's Message
Continued training important in public works, Feb, pg. 2
Make life better for you, March, pg. 2
APWA continues to strengthen its public policy advocacy voice, April, pg. 2
National Public Works Week: Our week to shine, May, pg. 2
Place a priority on volunteerism, June, pg. 2
Continuous improvement to benefit members, July, pg. 2
Congress is just around the corner, Aug, pg. 2
It's been a great year, Sept, pg. 2
New president committed to advocacy, education, and relationships, Oct, pg. 2
A mixture of joy, sadness and resolve, Nov, pg. 2
Public works professionals: Anchoring the emergency management response, Dec/Jan, pg. 2

Top Ten Public Works Projects of the Century
The Grand Coulee Dam and Columbia Basin Project, Feb, pg. 12
St. Lawrence Seaway/Power Project, March, pg. 9
Interstate Highway System, April, pg. 22
The Hoover Dam, May, pg. 6
The Hyperion Treatment Plant, June, pg. 6
The Reversal of the Chicago River, July, pg. 6
Tennessee Valley Project, Aug, pg. 6
The Panama Canal, Sept, pg. 6
The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), Oct, pg. 6

Converting traffic signals to 100% digital detection, July, pg. 10
Business and government seek solutions to traffic safety challenges faced by aging driving population, July, pg. 15
Summary of International Scanning Program for Highway Geometric Design, July, pg. 18
Improving traffic safety, July, pg. 36

Washington Insight
APWA joins NLC-led alliance to support investment in America's communities, Feb, pg. 4
APWA prepares resource tools for state advocacy, March, pg. 4
APWA TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force appointed, April, pg. 10
New website resource benefits APWA members, May, pg. 4
Congress begins annual appropriations process, June, pg. 4
FEMA to face many changes in a new administration, July, pg. 4
Rural Transportation Planning - to be or not to be, Aug, pg. 4
Jeffords unveils priorities as new leader of Senate public works committee, Sept, pg. 4
EPA considering multiple changes to TMDL rule, Oct, pg. 5
Critical infrastructure protection a core concern for lawmakers, Nov, pg. 5
APWA public policy and advocacy priorities for 2001-2002, Nov, pg. 6
APWA TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force moves ahead, Dec/Jan, pg. 5

Water Resources
NPDES Phase II: A regional permitting approach, Feb, pg. 22
Micromanagement of stormwater for wet weather control, Feb, pg. 25
TMDL: "Too Many Debates Left"?, Feb, pg. 29
Water Wars 2001, Feb, pg. 32
Selection of sewer system modeling software products, Feb, pg. 34
From dead camels to E. coli, Sept, pg. 64

Winter Maintenance
Why public works needs a plan to manage snow and ice operations, pt. 1, Feb, pg. 36
Why public works needs a plan to manage snow and ice operations, pt. 2, March, pg. 36
Snow in Quebec City: An enchantment and a challenge, Sept, pg. 50
Winter maintenance operations: "The System," Oct, pg. 20
Lighting on snowplows: An accident countermeasure?, Oct, pg. 24
Anti-icing hits the decks, Oct, pg. 25
Plow truck with reversible plow and wing, Oct, pg. 26
Minnesota Intelligent Vehicle Initiative moves ahead, Oct, pg. 29
Doing something different in anti-icing operations, Oct, pg. 31
Winter maintenance in Thompson Falls, Oct, pg. 33
Specifying the product you want, Oct, pg. 36
Getting what you have paid for, Oct, pg. 38