Corrections to Corporate Directory

Due to a computer error, a number of e-mail addresses were listed incorrectly in our Corporate Directory (the April issue of the Reporter). The correct e-mail addresses, along with company name and contact person, are as follows. Several other corrections follow the e-mail listing.

AAE, Inc.
Mr. Raymond Abassi

AEI-CASC Engineering
Mr. Richard J. Sidor

AGRA Earth & Environmental
Mr. Gary Sheppard

AGRA Infrastructure
Ms. Kristine M. Agers

Alpha Geotechnical & Materials, Inc.
Mr. James E. Weaver

Ambar Chemical, Inc.
Mr. Russell A. Freed

American Concrete Pavement Assn.
Mr. Lon D. Hawbaker

Aries Industries, Inc.
Mr. James P. Lenahan

Basic Technologies Corp.
Mr. Jeff Glaves

Berryman & Henigar
Ms. Michelle Kvandal

Bridges Asphalt Products, Inc.
Mr. Gene Bridges

BRW, Inc.
Mr. Randall L. Bill

Bulk Storage, Inc.
Mr. Ted E. Deery

Mr. William S. Bryant

Canadian Portland Cement Assn.
Mr. Timothy J. Smith

Carrier & Gable
Mr. Timothy D. Dewitt

Carter & Burgess, Inc.
Mr. Wendell L. Barnes

CAS Construction, Inc.
Mr. Mark T. Reinhardt

CDS Technologies
Mr. Robert W. Howard

CE Wylie Construction Co.
Mr. Edward W. Wylie

Construction Dynamics Group, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey Burkhart

David Evans & Associates, Inc.
Ms. Diane Warner

Elgin Sweeper Co./Five Star Mfg.
Ms. Anita Kaikaras

Environmental Science & Eng., Inc.
Mr. Gary Davis

First Vehicle Services
Mr. Billy W. Fowler

GeoSystems Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Kole Berg

Hyundai Construction Equipment
Ms. Wendy Wittenberg

James J. Benes & Associates
Mr. Jeffery C. Ziegler

McNamee, Porter & Seeley, Inc.
Mr. Vic Cooperwasser

Milwaukee Dustless Brush Co.
Mr. George J. Hunt

National Clay Pipe Institute
Mr. Edward J. Sikora

Novartis Vegetation Mgmt.
Mr. Jeff Welsh

Othon, Inc.
Mr. James W. Keller

Parsons I&T
Mr. Dwayne G. Lee

Mr. Dale D. Conger

Project Engineers Consultants, Ltd.
Mrs. Jacquelyn D. Zatzke

Sammamish Sweepers, Inc.
Mr. Mark Antoncich

SDI Consultants, LTD
Mr. Joseph M. Chiczewski

Shafer Kline & Warren
Mr. Thomas C. Kirkwood

Stantec Consulting, Ltd.
Mr. Andy Dalziel

Thompson Pump Manufacturing Co.
Mr. Jerry Golden

Thompson Rosemount Group
Mr. William A. Knight

TranSystems Corporation
Ms. Tami S. Trainer

Other corrections to the April Directory are as follows:

Elgin Sweeper Co./Five Star Mfg. should have been listed under Sweepers, Equipment; Sweepers, Street; Roads, Sweepers; and Vehicles, Sweepers.

Vactor Manufacturing was inadvertently omitted. Their information is as follows:

Vactor Manufacturing
Ms. Anita Kaikaras
(815) 672-3171
FAX (815) 672-2779
1621 S. Illinois St.\
Streator, IL 61364

Vactor should be listed under Catch Basin Cleaners, Construction, Ground Maintenance, Rodding Equipment, Sewer, Sewer Maintenance, and Stormwater Management.

The information regarding Willdan & Associates was incorrect. Here is the correct listing:

Willdan & Associates
Dan W. Heil, P.E.
2125 E. Katella Ave., Suite 200
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 940-6300
FAX (714) 940-4920

Marshall Macklin Monaghan was spelled incorrectly. This is the correct spelling.

Finally, on page 62, GIS should have been bolded, not italicized, as a subheading.