Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during August 2009. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.

Cleaning up the Kitchen

  • Assimilating/Integrating Immigrants into the Workforce, Aug, p. 24

Congress 2009

  • Enabling employees to succeed with change in organizations, Aug, p. 7


  • The First-Timers Meeting: It's all about inclusiveness!, Aug, p. 15

Fleet Services

  • Fleets as First Responders, Aug, p. 32
  • Fayetteville's biodiesel experience, Aug, p. 33
  • Testing hydrogen generators to boost fuel efficiency, Aug, p. 36
  • Shining a light on fuel prices, Aug, p. 40
  • City of Beloit, Wisconsin: Homegrown experiment on its way to saving city dollars, Aug, p. 42
  • Hoover's police cars are fueling America's future, Aug, p. 44

Inside APWA

  • Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Aug, p. 10
  • APWA's new Director of Sustainability, Aug, p. 17
  • APWA Reporter receives two ECO Awards, Aug, p. 22

International Idea Exchange

  • Greening Denver's fleet, Aug, p. 28

President's Message

  • Educational opportunities that await the fleet professional, Aug, p. 2

Small Cities/Rural Communities

  • Infrastructure solutions through bonding, Aug, p. 18

Technical Committee News

  • Fleet Services Committee provides menu of services for APWA members, Aug, p. 5

Washington Insight

  • APWA testifies before Congress on levee safety during National Public Works Week, Aug, p. 4