The Public Works Historical Society (PWHS/the Society) has established an endowment fund for the sole purpose of funding selected award programs, publishing projects and special events as they relate to the historical preservation of the public works environment and the PWHS Strategic Plan. This endowment fund is managed and administered by the American Public Works Association (APWA).

Financial Management
All contributions madewill be identified as part of the permanent endowment and will not be exhausted at any point. All funds will be subject to an annual audit by an independent certified public accounting firm in conjunction with the audit of APWA's financial statements. Non-cash contributions (securities, stocks, autos) will be accepted with the understanding that APWA is able to liquidate the assets and deposit the proceeds into the endowment fund account as cash.

Contributions to the endowment fund qualify as a charitable deduction for the donor, subject to IRS regulations because APWA is a 501(c) (3) organization. All non-cash contributions will be valued at fair value in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and IRS regulations.

Use of Funds
The endowment fund will be used to fund current award program, future award programs and specific events and projects as approved by the Board of Trustees during their annual review of the work plan. The APWA Board of Directors will have the authority to increase and decrease award amounts, eliminate and initiate award programs based on public interest, and create and dissolve projects as warranted to adhere to the work plan based on recommendation from the Board of Trustees. This fluctuation in the use of the funds does not give the Board or Trustees or the APWA Board of Directors the authority to utilize or expend the principal contributions created by the endowment fund. The Board of Trustees and the APWA Board of Directors will have the authority only to expend interest earnings on the contributions in conjunction with the annual work plan.

We would like to acknowledge the individuals, chapters and corporations who have contributed and extend our appreciation to all donors.

  • Arizona Chapter
  • Jim Attebery, Phoenix, AZ
  • Beatrice Bagby, Yuma, AZ
  • Robert D. Bugher, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Steven J. Burian, Fayetteville, AR
  • Myron Calkins, Kansas City, MO
  • Chicago Metro Chapter
  • Glenn Compton, Phoenix, AZ
  • Florida Chapter
  • Wayne Echelberger, Jr., Tampa, FL
  • Bob Esterbrooks, Phoenix, AZ
  • Herbert Goetsch, Milwaukee, WI
  • Katherine Gregory, FPO AA
  • HDR Engineering
  • HNTB Corporation
  • Indiana Chapter
  • Kavanagh Engineering, Burlingame, CA
  • Kentucky Chapter
  • Francis Kuchtas, Baltimore, MD
  • Larry Lux, Plainfield, IL
  • Jim Martin, Fresno, CA
  • Jim McCarty, Oakland, CA
  • Roy W. Morse, Seattle, WA
  • Nebraska Chapter
  • New York Chapter
  • North Carolina Chapter
  • Walter Nugent, Chesterton, IN
  • Jon A. Peterson, Great Neck, NY
  • Sacramento Chapter
  • Bruce Seely, Arlington, VA
  • South Dakota Chapter
  • Jeffrey Stine, Washington, DC
  • Texas Chapter
  • J. Michael Walford, Concord, CA
  • Richard Warren, Seattle, WA
  • Washington Chapter
  • Willdan Associates
  • Wisconsin Chapter

To make a contribution, print the downloadable contribution form and forward your gift/pledge to:

American Public Works Association
PO Box 8022296
Kansas City, MO 64108-2296.