The Public Works Historical Society publishes a periodic newsletter titled, Public Works History, which is circulated to its members and other interested parties. The newsletter serves as the Society's principal mode of communication reporting Society news, historical/preservation activities, and general public works history. The Society and newsletter are not for profit.

An Editorial Review Board composed of professional historians and public works practitioners establishes the overall editorial content for the newsletter. A professional publisher serves as editor. The newsletter focus on topics of interest to both historians and practitioners, such as:
  • Public Works History - Feature articles on public works events and people of historical interest are encouraged.
  • Preservation Projects - The newsletter routinely reports on projects to preserve historical public works structures and infrastructure.
  • Society Work - The newsletter includes summary reports on Society sponsored publications, conferences, and projects.
  • Historical/Preservation Activities - Feature articles from government agencies, private-sector companies, associations, and individuals with a shared interest in public works history are encouraged.
  • Historic Photograph Collection - The Society actively collects photographs depicting public events and individual of historic interest. As a regular feature, these historic photographs are published in the newsletter.
  • Reviews - The Society actively solicits and accepts book reviews on publications of interest to our membership.
  • Industry Calendar - As a regular feature, the newsletter reports upcoming conferences and activities of government agencies and other associations.
Feature articles should be 500 to 1,000 words and written in newspaper style (Associated Press Style Book). News briefs should be limited to 100 words or less. All material should be typewritten with a preference for electronic format (Microsoft Word). Authors receive byline recognition for published articles, however the Society does not generally provide financial compensation for published material. Public Works History is copyrighted by the Public Works Historical Society.

Potential authors can submit articles to:
Martin V. Melosi, University of Houston, Dept of History, Houston, TX 77204-0111, e-mail mmelosi@uh.edu

For additional information about the Society's Public Works History newsletter, contact Teresa Hon.