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Leading Pedestrian Interval: What are you doing with your five seconds? Aug 2017
The new golden age of bicycling Aug 2017
Public relations and outreach for a major roadway project Aug 2017
New quiet zone decreases train noise, improves safety in "Hub City" of Rochelle Aug 2017
High polymer micro surfacing -- is more always better? Aug 2017
Connected vehicles and road weather Aug 2017
Installation of road plates Aug 2017
President's Message Jul 2017
Technical Committee News Jul 2017
APWA announces the 2017 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2017
Communities take STEPs to build safer pedestrian networks Jul 2017
Autonomous Vehicles: A profound life-changing revolution Jul 2017
Technology and systems engineering are changing cities across America Jul 2017
Local Road Safety: What do we have to lose? Plenty! Jul 2017
City of Port St. Lucie Public Works Department leads the way in innovation and service Jul 2017
Anatomy of paving practices in Orange County, Florida Jul 2017
Winning over the "public" in public works projects Jul 2017
Autonomous Vehicles: Driving their own future? Jul 2017
GAC Insight Jun 2017
Traveling in new directions: Proactively addressing future transportation needs Aug 2016
Local Funding: "Where the rubber meets the road" in transportation revenue generation Aug 2016
Advertorial Aug 2016
President's Message Jul 2016
Technical Committee News Jul 2016
Safer roads, safe communities: how Road Diets can improve your neighborhood's roadways Jul 2016
Making our local roads safer through Local Road Safety Planning Jul 2016
V2V, V2I or I2V, take your pick now, don't wait Jul 2016
The gas tax is running out of gas! What alternative is sustainable? Jul 2016
2016 transportation safety activities at the Transportation Research Board annual meeting and the latest in transportation safety news Jul 2016
Involving tribes, improving road safety Jul 2016
How states are addressing local road safety Jul 2016
The future is bright! But how do we pay for it? Jul 2016
Taking partnering to a new level Jul 2016
Safety is Priority No. 1 for Railroads Jul 2016
APWA announces the 2016 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2016
Advancing community sustainability using the STAR Community Rating System May 2016
Making streets complete for community sustainability May 2016
Technical Committee News Apr 2016
USDOT announces Smart City Challenge Feb 2016
Washington Insight Aug 2015
Don't get tripped by hazardous sidewalks: mitigating risk by a systematic inspection and maintenance program Aug 2015
Connecting to the future: USDOT advancing connected vehicles Aug 2015
Road redevelopment paves way for growth, sustainability Aug 2015
Evaluation of a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon system at Belmont Ridge Road and W&OD Trail mid-block crosswalk Aug 2015
President's Message Jul 2015
Washington Insight Jul 2015
Technical Committee News Jul 2015
Increasing driver safety one traffic sign at a time Jul 2015
Impacts of transportation technology Jul 2015
Stakeholder Partnering: Transforming transportation at the local level Jul 2015
Pedestrian Safety: Make it personal to you! Jul 2015
The Atlanta Streetcar: A ride in the right direction Jul 2015
Renew Atlanta: Historic bond initiative transforms Atlanta's infrastructure Jul 2015
Exploring a road charge Jul 2015
National vision and big thinking necessary for America's twenty-first-century transportation infrastructure May 2015
How adopting the Envision rating system toolset can result in positive returns May 2015
Roundabouts: The sustainable intersection choice May 2015
Washington Insight Mar 2015
A network approach for transportation workforce development Mar 2015
Washington Insight Dec 2014
Washington Insight Oct 2014
Toronto's Congestion Management Plan Aug 2014
Corridors of opportunity Aug 2014
Pavement and shoulder edge drop-offs Aug 2014
Groundbreaking technology for converting fly ash and liquid coal waste into artificial aggregates for concrete, asphalt and road base Aug 2014
President's Message Jul 2014
Washington Insight Jul 2014
Technical Committee News Jul 2014
The future of road safety with the emerging technology Jul 2014
Huson Road GRS-IBS Bridge Replacement Project Jul 2014
Where the rubber meets the road: how we can prevent the transportation funding cliff Jul 2014
Transportation Revenue Shortage: Are local governments rolling up their sleeves again? Jul 2014
Bikeshare: Coming to a city near you? Jul 2014
Roadway reconstruction rehabilitation challenges and solutions: a seesaw experience Jul 2014
Introducing the thru-about for low-volume complex intersections Jul 2014
Roundabouts in Uptown Yucaipa Jul 2014
Missouri Department of Transportation's Local Public Authority Advisory Committee Jul 2014
Missouri Department of Transportation's Local Public Authority Consultant On-Call List Jul 2014
APWA announces the 2014 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2014
Washington Insight Jun 2014
Washington Insight Apr 2014
Washington Insight Nov 2013
Sustainable transportation solutions Aug 2013
The Interchange in Minneapolis creates a bold vision with the idea of "Open Transit" Aug 2013
How "green" is your pavement network? Aug 2013
President's Message Jul 2013
Washington Insight Jul 2013
Technical Committee News Jul 2013
Get the Inside Track: Become your APWA Chapter's Transportation Liaison Jul 2013
Sneak peak at Chicago's Congress transportation sessions Jul 2013
A traffic safety focus for local agencies Jul 2013
Superstorm Sandy NYC MTA Bridges and Tunnels' road to recovery Jul 2013
Transportation challenges demand a fundabmental cultural shift Jul 2013
The Transportation and Development Institute's Sustainability Mission Jul 2013
2013 transportation safety activities at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and the latest in transportation safety news Jul 2013
Alternative intersection design delivers Jul 2013
Partnering for success: an improved approach to Florida's Local Agency Program Jul 2013
Safety data and analysis capability: steps to the future Jul 2013
High friction surface treatments: a cost-effective strategy that saves lives Jul 2013
Green Streets and Porous Pavement: Lessons for sustainability, savings, and success Jul 2013
Every Day Counts: FHWA's initiative to shorten project delivery Jul 2013
APWA announces the 2013 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2013
Washington Insight Sep 2012
Washington Insight Aug 2012
President's Message Jul 2012
Washington Insight Jul 2012
Technical Committee News Jul 2012
Testing your INVEST-ment in highway sustainability Jul 2012
Implementing a complete streets policy: a four-step approach Jul 2012
One-stop shopping for federal funding? Jul 2012
A new online resource to help local government deliver federal-aid projects Jul 2012
Federal-aid project streamlining -- what's next? Jul 2012
In the ring with Greenroads: We got certified -- so what? Jul 2012
Roundabouts: do you want to Supersize that? Jul 2012
High-risk rural roads: what can be done to make them safer? Jul 2012
New economy trend demands innovation, courage, and more use of common sense Jul 2012
Choosing the right technique for economical pavement repair Jul 2012
Public Works and Hurricane Evacuation Jul 2012
Local Crash Data: The How-To Guide Jul 2012
Lessons learned from installing LED traffic signals: ten years later Jul 2012
FHWA's Roadway Safety Data Community of Practice: Online access to data and discussion Jul 2012
Winter maintenance considerations in transportation planning Jul 2012
The latest in transportation safety news from Transportation Research Board's Annual Meeting Jul 2012
Can they read your signs? Jul 2012
Signal Strength Jul 2012
Salt Lake City's Airport TRAX Extension Jul 2012
APWA announces the 2012 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2012
Lessons Learned: Building curb ramps in the right-of-way Apr 2012
Connected Vehicles: How wireless vehicle communication will revolutionize highway safety Sep 2011
The Indiana East-West Toll Road and the origins of the Chicago Skyway Aug 2011
Washington Insight Jul 2011
Technical Committee News Jul 2011
Getting the word out Jul 2011
Talk about teamwork! Jul 2011
Red light electronic enforcement Jul 2011
Opportunities for investing in Georgia's transportation future Jul 2011
Toward Zero Deaths: a National Strategy on Highway Safety Jul 2011
Every Day Counts! Jul 2011
Every Day Counts for local governments, also! Jul 2011
A brief history of airports Jul 2011
Highway Safety Improvement Program Project Identification Jul 2011
Engineering greener construction Jul 2011
Dynamic Monitoring: What it can do for our nation's bridges Jul 2011
Green systems infrastructure maintenance Jul 2011
Recycled materials in construction: divert that waste stream! Jul 2011
Sustainable Transportation: A roundabout way to think Jul 2011
Flashing yellow arrows bring happiness and health to Washington County, Oregon Jul 2011
Rebuilding while other cities are restricting Jul 2011
Promising results seen in King County paving project using recycled shingles Jul 2011
APWA announces the 2011 Public Works Projects of the Year Jul 2011
Washington Insight Jun 2011
Creating a transit station that enhances your community Aug 2010
Training your staff to comply with ADA requirements: making curbs compliant Aug 2010
Comparisons of rubberized asphalt binders Aug 2010
Seattle's Complete Streets Program Jul 2010
The Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership: Protecting sensitive habitat with major state highway projects Jul 2010
Moving towards a sustainability rating system for transportation projects: how wide a net to cast? Jul 2010
Knoxville's move toward "Complete Streets Jul 2010
City of Des Moines GPS-based sign inventory on a budget Jul 2010
Inside the Tucson modern streetcar project Jul 2010
Lynnwood Olympic View Drive Road Improvement, Phases 1 & 2 Jul 2010
A TRB Annual Meeting experience Jul 2010
Every Day Counts initiative bringing new sense of urgency, innovation to highway community Jul 2010
Cook County saves taxpayers money by diamond grinding roadways Jul 2010
Buddy, can you spare a dime? Jul 2010
A plan unveiled: the U.S. Bicycle Route System Mar 2010
Have you experienced distracted driving in your community? How are you planning to curtail it? Dec 2009
Winter Maintenance: A new strategy Oct 2009
Illinois Department of Transportation improves safety and savings Oct 2009
Unconventional roadway design "seed" planted with MoDOT years earlier bears fruit with innovative CFI in Missouri Sep 2009
Uncertain times Jul 2009
Are your streets complete? Is your pavement "green"? Jul 2009
Driving on empty: what's coming after the gas tax Jul 2009
EPA develops work plan for transportation stormwater permitting Jul 2009
Design Review: Whose responsibility? Jul 2009
Putting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to work in your community Jul 2009
California adopts a blueprint for greener transportation: What does it mean for public works nationwide? Jul 2009
Fund transportation: Increase the gas tax! Jul 2009
Pavement surface condition standards: rutting and cracking Jul 2009
Using the critical path approach to providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities to both new and existing streets Jul 2009
Work zone traffic control: new rules and good practices Jul 2009
City of Colorado Springs tests Terminal Blend Tire Rubber Asphalt Jul 2009
An economical solution to a county road problem Jul 2009
Non-maintained dirt roadways: a shared, affordable paving approach Jul 2009
Financing surface transportation Jul 2009
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: What does it mean for public works? Apr 2009
Washington Insight Aug 2008
President's Message Jul 2008
Washington Insight Jul 2008
Technical Committee News Jul 2008
Cracks in the nation's bridge system? Jul 2008
APWA proposes funding and financing recommendations for next Surface Transportation Authorization Jul 2008
Funding alternatives for transportation projects Jul 2008
APWA goes green! Jul 2008
Public-Private Partnership on a Local Level Jul 2008
Research pays off for transportation Jul 2008
Don't miss out: Cost-effective training and technical assistance available--and help for your chapter, too Jul 2008
Partnering plus "Three E's" equals recycling success Jul 2008
Safe Routes to School Report Update Jul 2008
Toward Zero Deaths in Minnesota Jul 2008
Wayne County, Michigan adopts state-of-the-art roads management system Jul 2008
Energy efficiency arrives at the Pittsburgh tunnels Jul 2008
Washington Insight Dec 2007
Washington Insight Nov 2007
International Idea Exchange Nov 2007
Experience the Roundabout Sep 2007
200 MPH Design Speed? Sep 2007
Preventive maintenance programs keep your bridges open for years to come Sep 2007
Modern Roundabouts: Safe. Efficient. Attractive. Sep 2007
Sacramento becomes first in state to establish 24-hour Quiet Zones at 28 railroad crossings Sep 2007
President's Message Jul 2007
Technical Committee News Jul 2007
New recruiting tool for teens Jul 2007
Main Street Bridge: Naperville, Illinois Jul 2007
Searching for the transportation vision thing Jul 2007
Implementing new technologies and practices that improve safety and performance Jul 2007
Washington governor uses new accountability program to keep transportation projects on track and on budget Jul 2007
Dramatic results from cost-effective rural road safety assessment program Jul 2007
Sidewalk repair program in Orange County Jul 2007
The Escambia County Road Prison Program Jul 2007
City employees step up safety awareness on streets following coworker's accident on the job Jul 2007
Learning to live with a railroad as your neighbor Jul 2007
Is train noise disrupting your community? Jun 2007
APWA Leadership Meets with Transportation Secretary Mary Peters Mar 2007
RSAs: Experiences around the country Sep 2006
Integrating Context-Sensitive Solutions into your transportation program Sep 2006
As the odometer turns... Sep 2006
Washington Insight Aug 2006
President's Message Jul 2006
Washington Insight Jul 2006
Technical Committee News Jul 2006
Beyond the gas tax Jul 2006
Advancing transportation management and operations in the United States Jul 2006
InfraGuide Best Practice: Selection of a Professional Consultant Jul 2006
TEA-21 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs in the west face uncertainty after a recent court ruling Jul 2006
Traffic Calming Design Guidelines Jul 2006
A complete remodeling of our urban fabric Jul 2006
Finding needles in a haystack: public works and transportation research Jul 2006
Road user fee pilot project attracts attention Jun 2006
Technical Committee News Feb 2006
A Tale of Two Cities: An update of the NPDES Phase II program Feb 2006
Kansas community benefits by turning trouble into treasure Feb 2006
Partnership with students helps keep ocean alive Jan 2006
Partnering for improved project and service delivery Jan 2006
Exercise your leadership potential Dec 2005
And a good time was had by all Nov 2005
Ask Ann Nov 2005
Washington Insight Oct 2005
Women rising in the public works field Oct 2005
APWA Book Review Oct 2005
The Baker's Menu Oct 2005
The Baker's Menu Sep 2005
The Tipping Point? Trip Summary on the International Scan on Transportation Asset Management Sep 2005
Correlating soil compaction measuring devices to soil densities and moisture conditions Sep 2005
Iowans reap savings through statewide urban design standards and specifications Sep 2005
Is train horn noise a problem in your town? Sep 2005
Identifying and managing indoor air quality issues Sep 2005
Washington Insight Jul 2005
Technical Committee News Jul 2005
International Idea Exchange Jul 2005
The National Transportation Operations Coalition Jul 2005
InfraGuide: A network of best-practice solutions Jul 2005
The importance of sign retroreflectivity Jul 2005
APWA and the AASHTO Green Book Jul 2005
America: On the road to ruin? Jul 2005
Adapting an infrastructure management system to meet your agency's needs Jun 2005
MDOT single-point interchange in Novi, Michigan Jun 2005
Washington Insight Mar 2005
The road to leadership winds through our chapters Mar 2005
International Idea Exchange Mar 2005
Enhancing maintenance for environmental beautification Mar 2005
Elements of an operations manual Mar 2005
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued Feb 2005
Obtaining international specialty workers for your organization Feb 2005
Restoring Fee Fee Creek Feb 2005
International Idea Exchange Jan 2005
Member Profile Dec 2004
Technical Committee News Nov 2004
APWA Book Review Nov 2004
Would you ask a surgeon to do your taxes? Sep 2004
Tips to improve wet-weather monitoring Sep 2004
Sidewalk and streetscape improvement project revitalizing historic downtown Hayward Sep 2004
Technical Committee News Jul 2004
InfraGuide: A Canadian experience, eh! Jul 2004
Step one to a healthier community Jul 2004
LTAP: A primer Jul 2004
Getting people to police themselves Jul 2004
President's Message Jun 2004
Washington Insight Jun 2004
Southampton uses customized mobile GIS/GPS solution to streamline field data collection Jun 2004
Virtual Plan Room Jun 2004
Washington Insight May 2004
International Idea Exchange May 2004
APWA joins ASCE in co-sponsoring four Infrastructure Town Hall meetings Apr 2004
APWA staffer made "Queen for a Day" Mar 2004
People notice the wrong things Mar 2004
Washington Insight Feb 2004
What you can do for National Public Works Week Feb 2004
Member Profile Feb 2004
APWA Book Review Feb 2004
Washington Insight Dec/Jan 2003
The Baker's Dozen Dec/Jan 2003
Technical Committee News Nov 2003
Planning to remodel your facility? Read on Nov 2003
Attracting, recruiting and retaining technicians Nov 2003
APWA President Kalynchuk speaks on the status of America's declining infrastructure Oct 2003
New APWA staff Oct 2003
Now more than ever: Training for road maintenance workers Sep 2003
Washington Insight Aug 2003
Martin Manning/Daniel DeYoung interview Aug 2003
CPWA participates in Technology Road Map partners program Aug 2003
NGV Conference & Exhibition Aug 2003
Damage data collection system provides valuable benefits Aug 2003
sidewalks! from $1 million to $20 million per year Aug 2003
Full-scale national terrorism exercise Aug 2003
Technical Committee News Jul 2003
Bus Rapid Transit: The high-quality, lower-cost alternative Jul 2003
Asset Management: Resources for maximizing your transportation investment Jul 2003
City implements continuous process improvement in roadways section Jul 2003
Roadside maintenance challenges in a shrinking economy Jul 2003
President's Message May 2003
International Idea Exchange May 2003
Washington Insight Apr 2003
Stormwater utilities proving invaluable for flood protection, habitat enhancements and regulatory compliance Dec/Jan 2002
APWA Book Review Nov 2002
International Idea Exchange Nov 2002
Educational sessions at Congress Nov 2002
Technical Committee News Oct 2002
ASCE Policy 465: Academic prerequisites for licensure and professional practice Sep 2002
Alternate power source keeps traffic lights operational in Sugar Land Sep 2002
Detectable warning surfaces now required in curb ramp installations Jul 2002
National Agenda for Intersection Safety Jul 2002
Strategic issues for a city roadways re-engineering project Jul 2002
Overcoming public misconception regarding the modern roundabout Jul 2002
Stretching pavement life with micro-surfacing Jul 2002
Should solid waste workers be concerned about anthrax? Mar 2002
Observations and lessons learned about diversity Nov 2001
President's Message Oct 2001
APWA encourages members to join the Common Ground Alliance Oct 2001
Public Works: Success in a non-traditional environment Oct 2001
APWA and WERF to discuss storm water research plans Sep 2001
Bookstore to offer more than 300 titles Sep 2001
Telecommunications, Boom or Bust? Sep 2001
Washington Insight Sep 2001
International Idea Exchange Sep 2001
Top Ten Public Works Projects of the Century Aug 2001
Converting traffic signals to 100% digital detection Jul 2001
Business and government seek solutions to traffic safety challenges faced by aging driving population Jul 2001
Summary of International Scanning Program for Highway Geometric Design Jul 2001
Improving traffic safety Jul 2001
Ellis Armstrong, public works icon, dies Apr 2001
APWA Board of Directors Apr 2001
APWA Staff Apr 2001
APWA InfoLink moves forward Apr 2001
Top Ten Public Works Projects of the Century: Interstate Highway System Apr 2001
APWA accreditation promotes good government - public works style Apr 2001
What does Congress mean to you? Apr 2001
Celebrating diversity Apr 2001
Mexican public works conference coming to Ciudad Juarez Mar 2001
Hot dog dirt Mar 2001
Turning brownfields into dreamfields Mar 2001
Q and A - Glad You Asked Nov 2000
Start planning now for 2001 Congress Sep 2000
Performance Measurement: An improvement tool Sep 2000