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Imagination to Innovation Nov 2017
Imagination to Innovation Oct 2017
Mirror Sep 2017
Imagination to Innovation Aug 2017
Advances in impervious surface mapping lead to fairer assessments Aug 2017
High polymer micro surfacing -- is more always better? Aug 2017
Connected vehicles and road weather Aug 2017
Imagination to Innovation Jul 2017
President's Message Jun 2017
Technical Committee News Jun 2017
Imagination to Innovation Jun 2017
Northbrook hits a home run with rainwater harvesting and flood mitigation Jun 2017
The benefits of restoration in an urban environment: Amazon Creek in Eugene, Oregon Jun 2017
Navigating PWX in a wheelchair Jun 2017
Qualification-Based Selection: A recipe for a successful partnership Jun 2017
What do you know? Public Works Organizations and Knowledge Management Jun 2017
Close tolerance HDD is changing the open cut industry Jun 2017
Imagination to Innovation May 2017
Imagination to Innovation Apr 2017
Imagination to Innovation Mar 2017
Imagination to Innovation Feb 2017
Imagination to Innovation Jan 2017
Imagination to Innovation Dec 2016
Imagination to Innovation Nov 2016
President's Message Oct 2016
Imagination to Innovation Oct 2016
Imagination to Innovation Sep 2016
Imagination to Innovation Aug 2016
Using data to drive innovation in environmental services Aug 2016
Imagination to Innovation Jul 2016
President's Message Jun 2016
Technical Committee News Jun 2016
Imagination to Innovation Jun 2016
Green Streets: Getting to efficient, effective and affordable Jun 2016
Drones as a tool for bridge inspection Jun 2016
Learning lessons from infrastructure tragecies Jun 2016
Flood mitigation for Blair water and wastewater treatment plants Jun 2016
National Weather Service products and information for public works Jun 2016
Emergency management software is not only for disasters Jun 2016
Imagination to Innovation May 2016
Imagination to Innovation Apr 2016
Imagination to Innovation Mar 2016
Imagination to Innovation Feb 2016
Imagination to Innovation Jan 2016
Imagination to Innovation Dec 2015
Imagination to Innovation Nov 2015
Imagination to Innovation Oct 2015
Imagination to Innovation Sep 2015
Imagination to Innovation Aug 2015
Creating an economic gateway between neighboring communities Aug 2015
Imagination to Innovation Jul 2015
Technical Committee News Jun 2015
Imagination to Innovation Jun 2015
Managing the life of public works assets Jun 2015
The importance of weather to public works Jun 2015
What is the work of today's Civil Drafters? Jun 2015
Can we protect our electronic lifelines? Jun 2015
Imagination to Innovation May 2015
Imagination to Innovation Apr 2015
Imagination to Innovation Mar 2015
Imagination to Innovation Feb 2015
Imagination to Innovation Jan 2015
Imagination to Innovation Dec 2014
Technology trends in customer service Aug 2014
Critical infrastructure and cybersecurity: implications for public works agencies Aug 2014
Tips to increase your utility's power resiliency Aug 2014
Solution-oriented conversations with customers of public agencies, through technology Aug 2014
President's Message Jun 2014
Technical Committee News Jun 2014
Imagination to Innovation Jun 2014
The technical side of active transportation Jun 2014
Neighborhood traffic safety Jun 2014
The proper installation of steel road plates Jun 2014
Bad design Jun 2014
What peer reviews tell us about public works organizations Jun 2014
From smart and sustainable cities to energy efficiency Jun 2014
Imagination to Innovation Apr 2014
Imagination to Innovation Feb 2014
Imagination to Innovation Dec 2013
Imagination to Innovation Nov 2013
Imagination to Innovation Oct 2013
Imagination to Innovation Sep 2013
President's Message Jun 2013
Technical Committee News Jun 2013
Managing for public works performance Jun 2013
Safety and the public works profession Jun 2013
Safety benefits associated with adaptive traffic signal control Jun 2013
Legal issues in public works: the transportation example Jun 2013
Robotic-based asset management systems for sanitary and storm sewers Jun 2013
Marketing is not a four-letter word: public works maintenance managers must learn to communicate Jun 2013
The Kansas City Streetcar Project: Technology and infrastructure supporting urban revival Jun 2013
The role of high-accuracy location for public works emergency management Jun 2013
Advertorial Jun 2013
President's Message Jun 2012
Technical Committee News Jun 2012
Promoting our technical expertise Jun 2012
Using technology for enhanced public communication Jun 2012
Demystifying the CIP Jun 2012
Innovative design-build road maintenance strategy: a proven direction for Kansas City Jun 2012
Project planning, engineering priorities and political decision making Jun 2012
Equal Access: Taking it to the streets Jun 2012
The long public works legacy in Louisiana's retreating coastline Jun 2012
Preserving the past and maintaining the future of public bridge infrastructure Jun 2012
Enterprise GIS facilitates cooperative projects and reduces costs throughout city departments Jun 2012
From developing needs to developing solutions Jun 2012
Cleaning up with new technology Jun 2012
Evaluating solar options Sep 2011
Technical Committee News Jun 2011
Annals of alternative facilities procurement methods: Construction Manager at Risk Jun 2011
Making a good technical argument Jun 2011
The CFL Conundrum Jun 2011
Being social is doing business Jun 2011
Public Works for Public Learning Jun 2011
Town of LeRay commercial corridor planning Jun 2011
Resolving common workflow challenges with GIS Jun 2011
Take precaution when working with power Jun 2011
Cooperative Efforts Jun 2011
LiDAR puts impervious surfaces "on the map Aug 2010
Maintaining good community relations during construction Aug 2010
A better way to rebuild better infrastructure Aug 2010
Agencies find the "I" in GIS to create next generation solutions Aug 2010
Seismic Building Performance: How will your structures hold up? Jun 2010
Characteristics of the successful twenty-first century public works director Jun 2010
Giving public works administrators a crystal ball Jun 2010
BIM (Building Information Modeling) Jun 2010
Staying on top of new technology for local streets and roads Jun 2010
Peoria Public Works Department reduces costs with mobile GIS Jun 2010
Mobile offices put inspectors on the road Jun 2010
Below these crowded streets: Charleston's network of underground infrastructure Jun 2010
Solar water system helps drop energy use Jun 2010
Municipal broadband helps improve operational efficiencies and quality of services in Rock Hill, SC Jun 2010
Dominguez Gap Wetlands Jun 2009
Practical design leads to early completion and saves $22.24 million Jun 2009
Surveying in 3D Jun 2009
Going green saves green: how improving driving behavior helps the environment and the bottom line Jun 2009
Web applications reduce total cost of ownership and make automating construction management a reality for local agencies Jun 2009
Project management with a catch: the Buckroe Fishing Pier Jun 2009
Don't let your "Infrastructure Stimulus Dollars" get washed away! Jun 2009
Navigating the EECBG Program for cities and tribes Jun 2009
Engineering and Technology Committee: Applying technology in public works Jun 2009
Washington, D.C.'s Green Streets: Using information technology for a cleaner and environmentally-healthy city Aug 2008
Technical Committee News Jun 2008
Levee certification for FEMA's flood maps Jun 2008
Drainage infrastructure and hazards inventory Jun 2008
New traffic control for an old pedestrian crossing safety problem Jun 2008
Hot Tap Triumph Jun 2008
Tackling rising fuel costs: new approach to curbside debris removal yields big savings for municipalities Jun 2008
Communicating with motorists Sep 2007
Technical Committee News Jun 2007
Is train noise disrupting your community? Jun 2007
Pavement management is more than software Jun 2007
Pump station sited on private property eliminates sanitary sewer overflow Jun 2007
Blending new technology with existing architecture Jun 2007
Design-Build procedures for smaller communities Jun 2007
Protecting the Florida Keys with advanced wastewater treatment Jun 2007
President's Message Jun 2006
Technical Committee News Jun 2006
APWA Book Review Jun 2006
Harnessing GIS during emergencies Jun 2006
Virginia's First Cities Initiative Jun 2006
Grinder pumps provide cost-effective sewer solution near historic road Jun 2006
Multiple prime bidding using CM services: a solution to rising construction prices? Jun 2006
Video-based roadway asset inventories: technology streamlines a labor-intensive task Jun 2006
Sewer diving construction delivers cost-effective storage capacity Jun 2006
"Swimming" in the clouds Jun 2006
Fast-track emergency repair of the Beartooth Highway, Red Lodge, Montana Jun 2006
Handheld GPS dramatically reduces time in field for outfall survey Jun 2006
Road user fee pilot project attracts attention Jun 2006
PWSA maximizes asset data collection efforts Jun 2006
Project Memorandum Writer: A new way to do environmental review Jun 2006
Deficiency vs. distress-based inspection and asset management approaches: a primer Jun 2006
President's Message Apr 2006
Diversity in Engineering: Partnering for a Change Feb 2006
Partnering for improved project and service delivery Jan 2006
The public works response to Hurricane Katrina Jan 2006
Washington Insight Nov 2005
The Baker's Menu Sep 2005
Is it a water tank or an antenna? Sep 2005
CSI: Engineers Sep 2005
Digital road inventory spurs Travis County five-year road plan Sep 2005
President's Message Aug 2005
Technical Committee News Jun 2005
Investment in multiple capture shafts pays off Jun 2005
A virtual stroll in the park Jun 2005
Adapting an infrastructure management system to meet your agency's needs Jun 2005
Ford Allen Park Clay Mine Landfill - Fairlane Green Redevelopment Jun 2005
MDOT single-point interchange in Novi, Michigan Jun 2005
Firestorm! Jun 2005
Billerica, Massachusetts streamlines asset management with GIS technology Jun 2005
California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study Apr 2005
Contract options for solid waste management service Mar 2005
Managing the waste stream: a cooperative effort Mar 2005
"Municipalizing" contracted solid waste and recycling services Mar 2005
Member Profile Feb 2005
Washington Insight Dec 2004
International Idea Exchange Dec 2004
Member Profile Sep 2004
Fluvial geomorphology as a tool for civil engineers Sep 2004
GPS/AVL now within reach for public works departments Sep 2004
Technical Committee News Jun 2004
Pavement management justifies equitable fee for gravel hauling on Town of Plymouth roadways Jun 2004
Southampton uses customized mobile GIS/GPS solution to streamline field data collection Jun 2004
Broward County's Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program Jun 2004
Renewing water distribution systems Jun 2004
East Bank Trail Jun 2004
Virtual Plan Room Jun 2004
The Birth of City Planning in the United States, 1840-1917 May 2004
Pittsburgh's bridges and the Roebling connection May 2004
Preparing tomorrow's engineers for the real world May 2004
Public Works: Part of the team Apr 2004
APWA staffer made "Queen for a Day" Mar 2004
Consolidation Feb 2004
Local utility helps fund a microturbine to provide emergency power and peak-load shedding Dec/Jan 2003
Lessons learned under "fire" Nov 2003
APWA President Kalynchuk speaks on the status of America's declining infrastructure Oct 2003
Ask Ann Oct 2003
Machu Picchu: Prehistoric Public Works Aug 2003
Washington Insight Jul 2003
Technical Committee News Jun 2003
Technical Committee News May 2003
The Future of Public Works: Change, Challenge and Strategic Leadership May 2003
President's Message Dec/Jan 2002
Denver's Webb Office Building offers cities new model for construction and financing public buildings Dec/Jan 2002
Historic footbridge renovation draws community together Dec/Jan 2002
Summary Jan 2002
Minnesota Intelligent Vehicle Initiative moves ahead Oct 2001
Public works and the Incident Command System Apr 2001