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Advances in impervious surface mapping lead to fairer assessments Aug 2017
Ada County Highway District automates citizen service requests Aug 2017
Fighting an uphill battle: facility maintenance software eases the public works load Apr 2015
CMMS: Managing facilities as a business Apr 2007
President's Message Sep 2006
Washington Insight Sep 2006
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Striking a balance for public agency service request management Sep 2006
President's Message Jun 2006
Harnessing GIS during emergencies Jun 2006
Video-based roadway asset inventories: technology streamlines a labor-intensive task Jun 2006
Handheld GPS dramatically reduces time in field for outfall survey Jun 2006
PWSA maximizes asset data collection efforts Jun 2006
Deficiency vs. distress-based inspection and asset management approaches: a primer Jun 2006
Upgrading access control in municipal buildings Apr 2006
Using GIS in emergency response Jan 2006
Earthquakes: Planning for disaster response Jan 2006
New floodplain maps: Improving flood control plans, insurance planning Jan 2006
APWA Book Review Oct 2005
Do the right thing in the public right-of-way Sep 2005
Iowans reap savings through statewide urban design standards and specifications Sep 2005
Digital road inventory spurs Travis County five-year road plan Sep 2005
A virtual stroll in the park Jun 2005
Restoring Fee Fee Creek Feb 2005
Technical Committee News Dec 2004
GPS/AVL now within reach for public works departments Sep 2004
Southampton uses customized mobile GIS/GPS solution to streamline field data collection Jun 2004
Technical Committee News Mar 2004
ODOT deploys massive wireless Environmental Sensing Station technology in RWIS expansion Sep 2003
Audio technology effective in driving salt routes Sep 2003
Geomatics inspire winter maintenance revolution Sep 2003
CPWA participates in Technology Road Map partners program Aug 2003
Twenty-five Governors, Three Premiers, One Prime Minister declare National Public Works Week Jul 2003
Geomatics and satellite imagery in managing your infrastructure Jun 2003
Neighborhood benchmarking—a GIS approach Jun 2003
When source controls are not enough: Considering advanced urban runoff treatment Jun 2003
The Willamette River Water Treatment Facility: a design/build project Jun 2003
The challenge of restoring the beneficial reuse of our filled lands Mar 2003
New APWA Fact Sheet Dec/Jan 2002
APWA Book Review Dec/Jan 2002
Historic footbridge renovation draws community together Dec/Jan 2002
Uniting sales tax and RLF for capital funding: Fayetteville, Arkansas case study Dec/Jan 2002
Privatization and Leasing: Is either option right for you? Dec/Jan 2002
Dennis Ross gets "roasted" Sep 2002
International Idea Exchange Sep 2002
Pavement Degradation: How other cities are dealing with it Sep 2002
Lightning: Once a devastating corporate nemesis, now negated by Dissipation Array System (DAS) technology Sep 2002
Excavations in public right-of-way and Kansas City's cost recovery plan Sep 2002
Oregon Chapter partners with ODOT on joint specifications Jun 2002
An innovative approach to hazard communication training Jun 2002
Infrastructure and GASB 34: The Eugene Story Jun 2002
Changing the program and project management environment Jun 2002
International Idea Exchange Feb 2002
Computerized maintenance management systems in a large-scale public works organization Jun 2001
Portland Public Works enters the dot-com world Jun 2001
Internet brings new view of construction Jun 2001
CAD/GIS tools help community improve flood preparation Jun 2000
From mainframe to laptop Jun 2000
Inspections in the palm of your hand Jun 2000
Fontana/Ontario Advanced Traffic Management Information System: Jun 2000
Company moves, technology improves Jun 2000