Jul 21, 2014

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Ian Hill On-Demand: "Effective Public Speaking for Public Works Leaders"

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"Effective Public Speaking for Public Works Leaders"
Today’s effective Public Works leader has the ability to convey a powerful compelling  message through the spoken word. Whether it is speaking to staff, Elected Officials, the Media or Community stakeholders at a public meet, the ability to speak in public is critical today! Yet standing in front of others and speaking is one of the biggest fears that people have. Some people think that these skills are a gift; Ian Hill would beg to differ.

In this live video workshop, Ian will share how he went from a shy introverted individual that was gripped with fear to one of North America’s most powerful speakers. Participants will learn all about his own personal method of speaking and how they can adopt and use it going forward.

What you'll learn during this workshop:
  • The four keys to developing and delivering an authentic and powerful speech/presentation
  • Strategies for effective extemporaneous speaking
  • Keys to speaking under pressure
  • How to overcome fear when speaking to groups large and small