Feb 15, 2013

National Committee Nominations are Now Open

The Call for Nominations is now open on APWA.net. You may nominate yourself or someone else for a Technical Committee, Standing Committee, Task Force or External Appointment. Nominations close on April 1, 2013 at midnight. President-elect Ed Gottko will make all appointments for 2013-2014 with Committee terms beginning at the 2013 Congress. For more information contact Cindy Long, staff liaison, at clong@apwa.net or 816-595-5220.

Submit your nominations HERE.

More information on APWA's Technical Committees:

There's a place for you here! Technical committees enrich APWA by delivering a diverse, highly-skilled group of public works professionals ready to share their valuable insights and give back to the public works community. The wealth of knowledge from these volunteer subject matter experts fuels our national programming and educational content including our Click, Listen and Learn series, Reporter magazine articles and publication development.

Technical committees are our centers of expertise and serve as incubators for future public works leaders, where members can:
·         Learn the latest from experts in the field
·         Develop skills in leadership and group dynamics
·         Venture outside of their day-to-day tasks for professional growth
Chapter technical committees can be a great way to engage young professionals as they facilitate networking and education in the public works field, maybe for the first time. Our members want to know what other cities are doing, what is the best practice for their area, who to call with questions and what their career options might be in public works. Technical Committees can help public works professionals develop skills in working across disciplines as well as getting the inside track on public works issues and trends.

Chapter-level Technical Committees also generate experienced, active members to feed into our national committees, including helping them through the process of self-nomination and finding a good fit when they want to take their volunteering to the next level. The key to boosting your chapter's engagement comes through targeted technical committees. Let them help your chapter bridge the gap and provide that vital link to national-level programming.