Sep 6, 2012

APWA Time Capsule

It’s not too late to be a part of APWA history! You still have time to send a DVD containing images, documents or video moments significant to your region.

Time_capsulOn Sunday, August 26, 2012, APWA marked its 75th Anniversary during the International Public Works Congress and Exposition with the dedication of the Time Capsule. Because APWA Chapters are such an important part of our grand heritage, each chapter is invited to share significant events and milestones that have occurred in this 2012 Anniversary Year to be placed in the Time Capsule. You’ll have until the end of this year to send items to be placed in the Time Capsule.

On New Year’s Eve, the capsule will be sealed, locked and placed on display at the APWA National Headquarters in Kansas City.  In 2087, at the APWA Sesquicentennial Celebration, the capsule will be unlocked and opened as we pass on our legacy to a new generation of Public Works professionals.

Each chapter will be allocated space for a DVD containing images, documents or video moments significant to their region.  As a record of achievement, we recommend the following:
  • Chapter membership names and group photo(s)
  • Significant public works projects achieved in 2012
  • Chapter newsletter for 2012
  • A message to the communities of tomorrow, including your vision of the future.
This unique stylized time capsule will display the following inscription:

In celebration of 75 years of service to the public works community as the American Public Works Association,
the memories, messages, and milestones represented in this Time Capsule are dedicated
to the communities of the 21st century and the members of APWA
who will unlock its contents on the 150th Anniversary of APWA in the year 2087.
August 26, 2012, International Public Works Congress & Exposition, Anaheim, California
If you have questions please call or email Dana Priddy at 816-595-5241 or

Please send your submission by December 28, 2012 to:
Dana Priddy
American Public Works Association
2345 Grand Boulevard, Suite 700
Kansas City, MO 64108

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of APWA history!