American Public Works Association (APWA) releases digital badging to complement existing certification and credentialing programs. The inaugural group of APWA digital badge recipients are the Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) Class X graduates. The class graduated at the 2017 Public Works Expo (PWX) in Orlando, Florida. ELA past graduates will soon have the option to receive a badge recognizing their status and accomplishment as an ELA graduate.

Digital badges are an electronic representation of an achievement, earned skill, or interest which can be utilized either online or off to help the recipient create a clear picture of their education and experience. APWA’s digital badges will instantly let employers, colleagues and the public know that the recipient is a leader in the field of public works. Our digital badges will utilize an open standard, meaning they are verifiable and are shareable across the web. Each digital badge is associated with an image and information about the badge, including any supporting evidence such as program information, expiration date of the badge, etc. APWA’s digital badging will be expanded to a select group of programs over the course of the upcoming year.

For more information regarding APWA’s digital badge program, please contact Shana Paul at