Student Outreach Network

MISSION: Reaching out to college students to inform them about the public works profession and APWA.  This group of interested APWA members would like to see the development of more formal student sections/chapters, and works to assist in that effort.  The Student Outreach Network is primarily an information disseminating group.  

The Student Outreach Network operates as a subcommittee of the Young Professionals Network.

Resources developed to-date include:

Opportunities for Participation

Student Outreach Network Chapter Liaison
Student Outreach Network Chapter Liaisons are invited to participate in monthly conference calls where ideas,"best practices", and lessons learned are exchanged.  Their responsibility is to disseminate information to their respective chapter leaders with ultimate goal of bringing more student members into APWA and assisting in set-up of official student sections/chapters where applicable.

Toolkit Contributions
If you would like to contribute sample materials or suggest other additions to the Local Student Membership Initiative toolkit or the Student Sections/Chapters toolkit, please contact the Student Outreach Network Staff Liaison.