Solid Waste Management Committee

Committee's Mission:  To serve as a center of expertise on solid waste issues for APWA. The Committee develops and promotes environmentally sound, cost effective and efficient solid waste management policies and programs for APWA members by reviewing the latest technologies, practices, regulations and legislation in the field and providing opportunities to exchange information.

The Committee fulfills its mission by providing solid waste management resources you'll find in the APWA Store, the Members' Library, the APWA Reporter magazine, the Resource Center area, the Click Listen and Learn programs and sessions at APWA national conferences.
A Message from Trent Tompkins, Solid Waste Management Committee Chairman, 2016-2017
I look forward to hearing new ideas to address the challenges and help deliver resilient programs. We want to share in your solutions and your expertise in everything related to solid waste management. What are your best practices? What are your lessons learned? If you would like to be involved in the work of the Leadership and Management Committee, please contact myself ( or one the committee members.  The Opportunities to Participate page might give you some ideas!

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