Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program

The APWA International Affairs Committee and the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, are pleased to announce the 2017 Jennings Randolph International Fellows: 

Evan Pratt, P.E. 
Water Resources Commissioner
Director of Public Works
Washtenaw County
Ann Arbor, MI

Evan will focus on asset management in Australia and New Zealand, which will result in a strong story to share with APWA and legislators about legislative mechanisms, administrative structure, and government's role in technical support to link funding with asset management.

Evan will share his legislative story, what  his home state has done legislatively and on the ground, at the Institute of Municipal Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Conference in Australia in August 2017.

Aaron Putnam, P.E.
Public Works Administrator
City of Ankeny, IA

Aaron will conduct a study tour to compare winter maintenance practices between Ankeny and three cities in southern Sweden. The study will look at the entire winter maintenance realm from city planning to material and equipment usage, goals and priorities, staff scheduling, and public relations. The objective will be to share information, identify differences, and discuss opportunities for improvement to Ankeny’s existing practices. 

Aaron will make his presentation at the Swedish Association of Municipal Engineers (SKT) Annual Conference in September 2017. 

Joanne Zhang, P.E., CCM
Council Liaison
Executive Division
Bureau of Engineering
City of Los Angeles, CA

Joanne plans to study the ways that Australia is fostering a culture of innovation in public works and its effect on attracting and retaining talent on capital project delivery. The goal is to provide insight on how Australia has implemented successful initiatives to foster a culture of innovation with limited resources and to inform an effective innovation strategy for American public works. 

At the Institute of Municipal Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Conference in Australia in August 2017, Joanne will present the Millennial’s perspective and share the ways her organization is transforming to attract and mentor the next generation of diverse engineering leaders .

More Information About the Program

The Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program was established at the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute in May 1987 and is administered by the American Public Works Association. The dellowship supports participation at a public works conference of one of our international partners and a public works study tour in that country.

In making the program available to its members, APWA hopes to further its international principles:
  • To provide an opportunity for APWA members, through contact with our international partners, to broaden their knowledge and exchange experiences and information on trends and advances in public works.
  • To promote friendship and understanding among public works peers on an international basis.
  • To provide a venue for the exchange of information among APWA and our international partnering countries. Currently, these countries are Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, the Slovak Republic and Sweden.
"Public works is a powerful instrument for understanding and peace."
- Jennings Randolph (West Virginia Senator, 1932-1985), known as the "Dean of Public Works Legislators"

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