APWA eLearning Portal

Explore APWA’s online learning opportunities through our online learning management system (LMS), the APWA eLearning portal. With this Portal you can:

  • Access the content anywhere, anytime, anyplace on any digital device
  • Track and report your progress
  • Demonstrate your knowledge with built-in evaluations/tests
  • Utilize blended learning (can combine elearning, simulation-based learning, classroom-based, social learning, etc)

Programs within the eLearning Portal must first be purchased via the APWA Store; purchasers will then be given a key to unlock their personalized portal and begin using the collection of courses.

APWA eLearning Portal program:

Construction Inspection 201: Project Management

The construction inspector’s job is difficult, constant attention and determination helps to assure all phases of a public works construction project meet and maintain the standards for quality control. The 24 courses in this program include sessions on: communication, contractor relations, plans and specifications, construction meetings, progress meetings, scheduling, documentation, negotiations and project close out. Course content available following program purchase. Full details in the APWA Store.