NEW in 2014! New Product Showcase

APWA’s New Product Showcase features the latest product innovations and technological advancements to hit the industry. Exclusive to exhibitors with products introduced since last year’s Congress, the New Product Showcase is a must-see right on the show floor.

Your Vote Counts for
“Best New Product of 2014”

Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the
Best New Product of 2014 onsite at the New Product Showcase. Winners will be announced the last day
of the show on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

Take time to check out the Showcase, vote for your favorite and then visit the company’s booth for a
demo firsthand!


The Vote Is In!

Very popular at this year’s Congress was the New Product Showcase where participating exhibitors showcased their new products released within the last year.

Voted by this year's
Congress Attendees

Congratulations to our Best New Product Winner: Morbark, Inc. for their ChipSafe™ Operator Safety Shield.



Featured Products at Congress 2014


New Products

All new products will be on display in the New Product Showcase area located in Level 800 Lobby.

Asset Works Inc.

Booth: 1911
AssetWorks EAM: AssetWorks EAM is a comprehensive, map-based asset management system that handles all aspects of public infrastructure management including complex linear networks and boundary based assets such as roads, pipelines and parks. EAM addresses day-to-day tasks like work order management and real-time labor tracking, as well as longer term analysis and capital planning.

Beka Max of America Inc

Booth: 223
Lube Shuttle Grease Guns / Spray System: Premium quality Grease Gun Systems that use a screw top refillable grease cartridge.  Lube Shuttle keeps grease spills and leaks away from machinery and shop surfaces.  Available in side lever, pistol grip, battery operated and spray guns.  Saves clean up time, reduce costs and protect workplace safety.

Certified Power, Inc.

Booth: 1122
Freedom XDS: The new Freedom XDS controller is the next advancement in the Freedom line of CAN bus controls from Certified Power.  As times change and equipment demands evolve, so do we.  With features like Dual Spreader (including the popular Tow-Plow application), enlarged color touch screen and USB port for ease in software upgrades and saving of configurations and data.
New Features Include:
• Large Color Touch Screen
• Durable, Lightweight Metal Design
• Field Upgradable and Downloadable Using USB Stick
• Incorporates Joystick, Spreader & Liquid Functions
• On-Board Diagnostics
• Variable Gate
• Operator Friendly Backlit Control Panel
• Integrated Anti-Icing Control
• Dual Spreader
• Advanced Directional Spinner Control

Custom Linings, Inc.

Booth: 201
Custom Linings Culvert Repair System: Custom Linings provides all the EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS, and EXPERIENCED APPLICATORS for the application of abrasion resistant and protective coatings on the EXTERIOR or INTERIOR (>12” ) of Metal, Concrete or Plastic Pipelines and Culverts. Systems also include the ability to Sandblast pipe interiors to ensure proper adhesion.


Booth: 744
Blue Brute Fittings: World’s largest C907 molded PVC fittings! Blue Brute fittings are injection molded and are even tougher than the pipe. Injection molded Blue Brute fittings have a wall thickness 125% larger than SDR18 pipe. Blue Brute systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action and all IPEX municipal systems are third-party certified as applicable. In addition, IPEX Blue Brute systems have Factory Mutual approval and Underwriter’s Laboratories (ULI and ULC) listings.

MDI Traffic Control Products

Booth: 313
SpeakMaster™ Pedestrian Audible Alert System: SpeakMaster is ADA compliant and designed to warn pedestrians, specifically the visually impaired, that the sidewalk is closed ahead. The freestanding, portable unit consists of a double-sided frame for printed messages and a programmable voice module. The module can be activated by a motion sensor or push button.

Metal Pless

LiveEdge: The Metal Pless LiveEdge is a unique snow plow cutting edge that are made in twenty-four inch sections, with each section able to trip when encountering obstacles. What makes the LiveEdge revolutionary is that each section can also move up and down and tilt side to side, allowing it to contour to the imperfections of any roadway. The steel cutting edges will follow the surface, scrape hard pack, and reduce your salt usage.

Morbark, Inc.

Booth: 1147
ChipSafe™ Operator Safety Shield: Morbark® has taken brush chipper operator safety to the next level with the introduction of the ChipSafe™ Operator Safety Shield. The safety device is mounted directly to the sides of the brush chipper’s infeed chute and used in conjunction with special work gloves and ankle straps, the device stops the chipper’s feeding mechanism if the operator’s hands or feet enter the defined ChipSafe sensing zone in the infeed chute, protecting the operator from possible injury. The chipper’s feeding mechanism is restarted with a simple swipe of the operator’s ChipSafe glove or wrist strap across a reset box located on the outer side of the infeed chute, so high productivity is maintained.

Muncie Power Products

Booth: 1922
MESP3020: The MESP3020 is an Electronic Spreader Package with nine speed adjustments, an integrated hoist control, and a simple setup to allow for optimal ground speed control and driver convenience.  This easy to use spreader package can be installed on new vehicles or retro-fitted for all common V-Body and tailgate spreaders.

Oxford Plastics USA

Booth: 231
Oxford’s composite modular roadplates are safe and easy to handle, requiring only 2 men and no
heavy equipment for installation, providing huge savings. They are the ideal alternative to steel plates. Interlocking sections, anchor at the ends, and steel ‘drop pins’ protrude into the trench, creating lateral stability and a safe surface to pass over. The integrated ramp and anti-skid surface meet new requirements. The hivisibility yellow tends to calm traffic, and flex ends dampen unwanted sounds.

To view one version of the Oxford RoadPlate, visit .
Oxford Plastics’ RoadPlate was selected for the ARA HOTLIST this spring, and nominated for an Innovative
Product Award with NASTT. In the words of a customer, "Oxford's RoadPlate makes
installation simple, keeps the guys safe, & provides huge savings!"

Plastic Safety Systems

Booth: 1011
LaneGard 3 Type III Barricade: Designed as a one-piece barracase, LaneGard 3 sets up and tears down in seconds. LaneGard 3 folds for storage, unfolds for use. Weights 17 lbs without centerboards. Made from engineered plastic with UV inhibitors.
RoadQuake 2F Folding Temporary Portable Rumble Strip: RoadQuake 2F alerts drivers to changing road conditions, like construction zones. Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, drivers pay attention, often reduce speed. Temporary and portable.

SMITH Manufacturing

Booth: 1542
SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer: Scarify / Plane / Shave / Groove / Prep
Re-designed all-steel chassis with flexibility for use alone or with your equipment, lockable depth-control settings for consistent removal in the “impact zone,” up to 2x faster removal speeds with adaptable changes for diamond shaving, roto-planing or carbide scarifying, re-designed vacuum pickup location to contain debris. Lower vibration and extended bearing life, new lifting carriage with height-adjustment lever, fewer moving parts to increase uptime. Available in gasoline, electric and propane power.

Total Resource Management (TRM) — Premier IBM Partner

Booth: 1649
TRM High-Performance Cloud for Maximo (low cost hosted platform): TRM High-Performance Cloud for IBM Maximo allows any Public Works organization to quickly leverage the power of the top rated Asset Management System (IBM Maximo) without a major platform investment.  Now, Public Works organizations have access to the world's leading enterprise asset management system on a proven cloud infrastructure, without the typically expensive upfront hardware and software license costs, changing an initial capital expenditure to more budget-friendly operational expenses. 
Additionally, TRM recently combined the award winning TRM Rules Manager and IBM’s innovative Softlayer platform, to provide unique capabilities including valuable viewpoints, dashboards, performance monitoring, and the most advanced Maximo hosting environment available (Softlayer).
Typical benefits of TRM's Maximo Cloud Solution compared to traditional client hosting include:  improved user performance, substantial reduction in IT system costs, rapid configuration and deployment, seamless support for sophisticated technology, and ability to quickly use leading Maximo functionality without the regular startup cost and time.

Verizon Networkfleet

Booth: 1111
Verizon Networkfleet Asset Guard: The Verizon Networkfleet Asset Guard provides reliable tracking for fixed and movable fleet assets such as trailers, containers/pods, generators, heavy duty equipment, and more. The Asset Guard is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods outdoors or in other rugged environments.

Walz Scale

Booth: 1948
Load Scan - Volumetric Payload Scanner: The Walz Scale Load Scan Volumetric Payload Scanner is an effective method for salt inventory management via volumetric payload scanning of outbound and inbound salt loads. Manage your inventory real time without increasing personnel requirements.