Chapters are the essential element in APWA's service delivery system for its members. They offer one of the most immediate, easy and cost-effective opportunities to exchange information with colleagues and to keep up to date on the latest public works technologies and management trends. Organized within nine regions, APWA's 63 chapters are located throughout North America and serve virtually every metropolitan area, state, province and region on the continent. View the Chapter Websites and Summaries page for contact and background information as well as links to Chapter websites.

Chapters engage in the same educational, networking and public service activities as the national organization, but they do so close to home-where members can easily take advantage of them. Chapters offer members the opportunity to attend educational programs, equipment shows and the chance to network with their colleagues and peers in a professional setting. To see what an APWA chapter is doing in your area, click on the Chapter Websites & Summaries link to the right of this page, and find the chapter in your area. While the number of meetings in a calendar year differs from chapter to chapter, each holds at least one annual meeting for its membership.

Chapter Assignment

APWA membership automatically includes one year of membership in your local APWA or CPWA chapter. Chapter assignment is determined by the member's mailing address. However it is possible to make a special request to be assigned to a chapter other than that which corresponds with member's mailing address, call 800-848-APWA for more information. Often it is at the chapter level where members make personal connections, and attend educational programs, equipment shows, and social events with public works professionals from their neighboring communities. All APWA chapters are part of the national association, therefore it is not possible to attain membership at the chapter level only. Visit the Chapter Websites & Summaries page for more information about chapters near you.

Info-Sharing Chapter

In addition to the primary chapter assignment, any member may also opt to receive newsletters and information about upcoming activities in other nearby APWA chapters. There is no extra fee for using this "info sharing chapter" option. For complete details call the APWA national office at 800-848-APWA, or email



Some chapters cover large jurisdictions and have formed branches to bring educational and networking opportunities to an even more specific geographic area. These branches operate under the oversight of the local chapter. Some branches have established branch dues to help support the programs they are offering in their specific geographic area, but branch membership is optional, so branch dues (if applicable) are not included with the national-chapter membership invoice. All APWA chapters and branches are part of the national association, therefore it is not possible to hold membership at the branch level only.  To find out if your chapter has branches you can use the Branches link on the left side of this page then, if you find an applicable Branch, use the Chapter Websites & Summaries link to go to the webpage for that particular Chapter/Branch.

Canadian Chapters

The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) was founded in 1986 to enhance the services of the American Public Works Association to the Canadian public works community and to improve the quality of public works products and services to Canadian citizens. Since 1986, CPWA has become "the voice of public works in Canada". CPWA is an organization of public works professionals in Canada who are members APWA. Any individual, agency or corporation in Canada with an interest in public works and infrastructure issues can become a member of CPWA by simply joining APWA. Information about our Canadian chapters is available at

Chapter Leadership

Chapters are the basic organizational element of the American Public Works Association. The chapter is the point at which most direct member contact takes place and a chapter is in the best position to deliver substantive services to its members. Strong chapters translate into a strong organization. To see a Chapter's leadership list, go to the Chapter Websites & Summaries page then click on that Chapter's Contacts link.